Thursday, 31 January 2013

Let's talk Gawkerverse!

Hey hi hello!
Today I had a bit of a meltdown with my computer so I now have a new hard-drive installed so I can actually use it properly without having to wait forthy minutes for the internet to load without crashing! I'm so happy right now! But doing this meant that I have lost all pictures that I had saved for this blog, and of course, me being me, I deleted them from my camera. Farewell to the 40 pictures of shoes I had for a shoe collection post...
So today I have something to tell you about and for this I can steal pictures from Google! WoopWoop! The gawkerverse is a company which has created different Iphone apps which kind of have the pinterest/tumblr idea, they also each have their own website.

There are five Iphone apps available to download for free! Simply search the name "gawkerverse" or one of the following titles in the app store:
I adore the Iphone apps for each one, epecially Foodgawker and Craft gawker, loading it up it shows pictures of different things, you tap one and it takes you to the original blogpost! I haven't tried any of the crafts or recipes yet but it's so cute just to look at and browse through pictures of gorgeuous things! If you sign up for can add different blog posts to your favourites so the posts you love are just right there and easy to find.
Both forms of viewing the sites are simplistic and easy to get your head around, there's no fuss and everything is gorgeously done.

Wthere it's food, crafts, home inspiration or fashion you're after you'll find one you need with one of these beauties. I'm utterly obsessed I'm telling you. They're updated frequently so whever I have the chance I'm refreshing the page to see what new wonders are available for my viewing pleasure.
Have any of you downloaded these apps or browsed through the corresponding websites? Let me know what you think!
Amy xx

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bedroom Beauty Challenge: January

Hey hi hello!
A few weeks ago the wonderfully amazing Louise from Sprinkle of glitter gave us all a challenge, yes, I am a little late on the band wagon but hey, this blog is a new endeavour for me.

In her words "The idea of this challenge is to experiment, play and enjoy makeup", each month she will give a different theme or idea, and we, as her readers, must create a look inspired by that theme. This month the theme was Vivacious Vixen, oooooh.

As soon as the word vixen comes into mind I think of a girl who's flirty, and knows it, with black liner and red lips and a total hottie. Of course the first person to come into mind was Marina (from Marina and the Diamonds), oh my word, she is gorgeous as anything and a madame. Her lyrics are fun, flirty and generally about men or living in the spotlight. Her tunes are upbeat and easy to dance to, all in all, a wonderful ball of pop music goodness.

It's fair to say I felt inspired by the leading lady, with eyeliner and lipstick in hand, I went for it.

For the eyeshadow I went pretty simple, using only the Urban decay Naked pallette, I used  faint in the crease and W.O.S all over the lip, with venus as a highlight and in the inner corner. I usually wouldn't go so dark in the crease, and the colour isn't showing up well on camera, but I really liked this look. Of course I went for flawless skin, using Revlon colour stay. I mixed the foundation with a moisturiser because I really hate the feeling of heavy foundation lathered everywhere. On the cheeks a light dusting of Rimmel Santa rose and for the lips I topped off the look with Topshop lipstick in Hazard. For a vixen look I found the name to be quite fitting.

In keeping with the marina/ vixen theme I drew a little heart under my right eye, and to be honest I really like it. Maybe I should brave this look outside? No? Okay then... I did post this on instagram though!

 (pssst theinstagram name is anotheryouthfuldream)

I'm excited to see what the next theme is, and also to see what everyone else comes up with! I think it's a wonderful idea!

love and internet hugs, Amy x

Monday, 28 January 2013

January favourites and a quick Introduction!


I figured that before I go into my first post on this blog I should introduce myself! I'm Amy and I'm from England, I'm an English Language student at Northumbria university and I'm totally obsessed with clothes, make-up and nail varnish. Oh I also love to wear hats...a lot.

This is my face!

I'm sure over the course of me blogging you'll get to know me better, and if you follow my nail around blog here I'm sure you'll know more already! 
Now on to the favourites. I don't actually have that many this month because I haven't been trying out that many new things recently, I tend to stick to what I know. I did make a few purchases this month that I have loved.

First up is the 'new' Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, and oh boy, it's a good 'un.  Since it was released I've been lusting after it as my first UD purchase, after my Sleek respect palette ran out a few days ago I finally caved!

The colours in this are perfect for every day, so many different ideas for using this are going around my brain box and I'm excited to use it more. This beauty has only been in my possession for three days but I couldn't bear to leave it out. The quality of the product inside is totally worth the hefty £20 price tag. Another thing that pleases me greatly about this are that there are four matte shades and only one colour from the set is majorly shimmery. These days I tend not to go full on shimmer, it's not my style, so this was right up my street. There is only one disadvantage, now I want the other Naked Palettes... goodbye wages/student loans!

Next up is the Pixi correction concealer in 'brightening peach'. Don't be scared off by the colour of the product, it really is a bright peachy shade. I think this works amazingly under the eyes for those days where you look half asleep (so that's every day for me then...), it perks up the skin and helps make it look flawless. Also bonus! It's half price in Boots at the moment for £6!

On to lip products, possibly my favourite kind of cosmetic product, I can never have enough. Along with the concealer I bough the succulent lip twin in the shade "Pink Peony", it can be used as a lip or cheek product and is just generally gorgeous.

As you can see there is a kind of dome at the bottom which can be used for a wash of colour, then the product in the tube seems more 'full on'. I get more use just using the dome applicator, it's quick and easy and pretty, what more could a girl want? See the top picture of me to see what it looks like on the lips, again, £6 in Boots!

The second lip product is a lipstick which is NYX lipstick in the colour Orpheus. I fell in LOVE with this colour after I seen it swatched on a blog, I went mad trying to find it on ebay before realising NYX have a UK site. I'm clever guys, real clever...I swear. 

Something tells me people may be put off by this shade, it's purple with loads of silver added to it, like the lip version of the Barry M nail varnish in Silvery Lilac, but it's amazing! I think you have to be having a brave day to sport the look but it actually looks great, and not so scary, once you've given it a shot.

 Last but not least a non make-up item! This is the Superdrug mud therapy raspberry exfoliating mud mask. Leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes, rinse off and poof, amazingly soft skin! The smell isn't strong, it's just clean, it's nice. It's not apricot and raspberry kernels in it that massage your skin when you apply it which is great for cleaning those pesky pores.

I hope you liked this first post, I have a few lined up but I need to be more organised when it comes to posting things.

Have a great day everyone!