Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bedroom Beauty Challenge: January

Hey hi hello!
A few weeks ago the wonderfully amazing Louise from Sprinkle of glitter gave us all a challenge, yes, I am a little late on the band wagon but hey, this blog is a new endeavour for me.

In her words "The idea of this challenge is to experiment, play and enjoy makeup", each month she will give a different theme or idea, and we, as her readers, must create a look inspired by that theme. This month the theme was Vivacious Vixen, oooooh.

As soon as the word vixen comes into mind I think of a girl who's flirty, and knows it, with black liner and red lips and a total hottie. Of course the first person to come into mind was Marina (from Marina and the Diamonds), oh my word, she is gorgeous as anything and a madame. Her lyrics are fun, flirty and generally about men or living in the spotlight. Her tunes are upbeat and easy to dance to, all in all, a wonderful ball of pop music goodness.

It's fair to say I felt inspired by the leading lady, with eyeliner and lipstick in hand, I went for it.

For the eyeshadow I went pretty simple, using only the Urban decay Naked pallette, I used  faint in the crease and W.O.S all over the lip, with venus as a highlight and in the inner corner. I usually wouldn't go so dark in the crease, and the colour isn't showing up well on camera, but I really liked this look. Of course I went for flawless skin, using Revlon colour stay. I mixed the foundation with a moisturiser because I really hate the feeling of heavy foundation lathered everywhere. On the cheeks a light dusting of Rimmel Santa rose and for the lips I topped off the look with Topshop lipstick in Hazard. For a vixen look I found the name to be quite fitting.

In keeping with the marina/ vixen theme I drew a little heart under my right eye, and to be honest I really like it. Maybe I should brave this look outside? No? Okay then... I did post this on instagram though!

 (pssst theinstagram name is anotheryouthfuldream)

I'm excited to see what the next theme is, and also to see what everyone else comes up with! I think it's a wonderful idea!

love and internet hugs, Amy x


  1. lovely blog!

    Do you want to follow each other? :)

    xx ♥

  2. sure, I followed you, you have gorgeous style!

  3. Lovely blog, and lovely makeup look! I'm a huge Sprinkle of Glitter fan too, found your blog through your comment about Gawkerverse on her blogpost today, was intrigued to read more about it!

    Lynsey xx