Thursday, 31 January 2013

Let's talk Gawkerverse!

Hey hi hello!
Today I had a bit of a meltdown with my computer so I now have a new hard-drive installed so I can actually use it properly without having to wait forthy minutes for the internet to load without crashing! I'm so happy right now! But doing this meant that I have lost all pictures that I had saved for this blog, and of course, me being me, I deleted them from my camera. Farewell to the 40 pictures of shoes I had for a shoe collection post...
So today I have something to tell you about and for this I can steal pictures from Google! WoopWoop! The gawkerverse is a company which has created different Iphone apps which kind of have the pinterest/tumblr idea, they also each have their own website.

There are five Iphone apps available to download for free! Simply search the name "gawkerverse" or one of the following titles in the app store:
I adore the Iphone apps for each one, epecially Foodgawker and Craft gawker, loading it up it shows pictures of different things, you tap one and it takes you to the original blogpost! I haven't tried any of the crafts or recipes yet but it's so cute just to look at and browse through pictures of gorgeuous things! If you sign up for can add different blog posts to your favourites so the posts you love are just right there and easy to find.
Both forms of viewing the sites are simplistic and easy to get your head around, there's no fuss and everything is gorgeously done.

Wthere it's food, crafts, home inspiration or fashion you're after you'll find one you need with one of these beauties. I'm utterly obsessed I'm telling you. They're updated frequently so whever I have the chance I'm refreshing the page to see what new wonders are available for my viewing pleasure.
Have any of you downloaded these apps or browsed through the corresponding websites? Let me know what you think!
Amy xx

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