Sunday, 3 February 2013

How I style: Skater Skirts Edition.

Hey hi hello!
I got paint shop pro back so I can edit photo's and crop them to size and make them look better! Sooo I have today a 'how I style' post. Skater skirts are a major staple in my wardrobe, but thanks to the weather I haven't been wearing them, but it's getting warmer guys! So never fear! I find them so easy to wear, just throw anything on top and you're good to go. I have around six skater skirts right now but this plain black on from New Look is simple perfect!
If you're like me and tend to wear a lot of black, accessories really do matter, especially if there's a pop of colour! For this look I paired the skirt with a black shirt from h&m along with a bright lime and grey scarf, also from h&m.
I adore the scarf, I picked it up for £2 last week! It's easy to just throw on and jazz up an all black outfit. The ccamera really isn't doing it much justice compared to how it is in person. A jazzy belt can also just tie an outfit together without being too over the top, I bought this one for £2 from Primark.
Excuse the awkward angle and revel in the glory which is this amazing belt. If you aren't brave enough to wear such a bright colour then go for neutrals or lighter colours for accesories, or add some funky patterned tights to make it a little different.
Next up as an idea is something I do a lot! Wear your skirt over the top of a dress! this particular dress is from Henry Holland for Debenhams, it's got the cutest cat and flower print I ever did see!

Sometimes I just throw on a skater skirt over the top, it looks like a completely new outfit! Also it keeps you a little warmer on the bottom half :D I apologize or the lack of shoes in the rest of these posts, my feet got rather scratched up with Doc Martens. Sad face.

Just look at the cute pattern. Adorable right? The necklace is a current obsession of mine too, it was £3.99 from h&m!
thirdly and finally is the baggy t-shirt, this particular one is from the mens department of Primark, I fell in love with it a few weeks ago and instantly bought it! It's fairly big on my but I really don't mind.

Of course I used my trusty sleeveless shirt to add a slight feminine touch. This is honestly one of my favourite outfits and I can't wait for the wamer moths so that skirts can be brought back again. I did however buy some wooly tights today so that I can get out of wearing jeans!
There are endless ways to style one of these skirts, looking at my wardrobe I can think of dozens more, these are the ones I wear most often though. Which do you prefer?
Amy xx

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