Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A little Holiday Haul!

So as you may know I've been away for a few days, I finally managed to collect together what I bought so that I can show you my purchases!
First up is this brilliantly bright yellow crop top. I never ever wear bright colours but this just stood out to me. I thought it would look nice in Summer, if the sun ever decided to come out, with a black skater skirt. It's so Purdy. This was £8 from Republic.
Also for republic, I really can't remember the price, but I know everything had 20% off. This is like a khaki gray colour with gorgeous stitched roses and studs. It also has a matching rose and stud design on the back. So pretty!
Next up is this amazing keyring from evolution for £2.50. If you didn't know already I have a sugar skull obsession. There was loads of skull trinket boxes and such but I have nowhere to put them so I didn't buy them. This was super cool though, and a bargain! Why isn't there a evolution in Newcastle?!
It's jumper with T-Rex's on it! Me and my friends have dinosaur related inside jokes and this made me smile. It's pretty thin wool material so it will be nice thrown on with shorts in summer or with a shirt underneath for winter! This was from Zara for £20
Finally I found some ankle boots! Eeeeeeee so pretty. I've been after boots like these for ages but I have baby feet so they were always either too big, too expensive or I had to buy online, which I didn't want to do. I fianlly found these in Milton Keynes H&M for £24.99. They're fairly comfortable, I've only worn them once but they were fine to walk in and such. I adore the little details of the suade snakesshin and gold zip on the sides. Favourite purchase of the year so far!
Amy x

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  1. Love your keyring, I am obsessed with skulls at the minute xx