Monday, 18 February 2013

A not so dainty, dainty doll haul!

Hey Hi Hello!
In Newcastle we have a little cart stall in the middle of Eldon Square, the main shopping mall, and also one in the Metro Centre in Gateshead called Making Faces. I'm not sure if there are more scattered around malls in Britian but I adore it so much! It sells tons of make-up products from well known bands for about half of the price, it's where I have bought Essie nail varnishes for £1.99 before. The last time I went for a cheeky look at what they had to offer I found a massive selection of Daity Doll goodies!
Dainty Doll is a make-up brand created by Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud, it's aimed at people with a very pale complexion, which makes it an amazing brand already in my eyes. I ended up not picking up a foundation because they only had a powder one, no good for dry skin, but I did pick up some amazing things.

The packaging is simply gorgeous and it translates out of the box, the inside packaging is plain black but still very chic and simple which I love, the bottom picture was just to show the AMAZING prices I got them for. After this little spree I went back and got a couple more things because Iloved them so much!
I will review a few of the items another day, because I don't want this post to be massive! I will however talk about the blush I bought in the shade 'Hippie Shake'
I couldn't get a good photo to reflect the colour so I borrowed this image from I would say that in real life it looks more lilac than pink, which is something I haven't really come across. It adds a little colour to the cheeks without being too heavy and I have been wearing it pretty much everyday. I think the colour looks good on my skin and isn't at all bright, which I much prefer, I don't tend to like bight colours on my cheeks. It seems to last a good few hours before rubbing off, so an absolute steal for the price I got it for!
I also bought:
Concealer: Very light
Lipstick: Storm in a teacup
Eyeshadow: copacabana
Eyeshadow: Are you Experienced?
Cream blush: Paper Roses
Eyeliner: I'm so pretty
Blusher: Money Talks
Have you guys tried any DD products, if yes, what did you think?
Amy x

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