Thursday, 7 February 2013

January Fashion Favourites~

Hey Hi Hello!
I may be a week late with this post but hey, I figured I would show you guys what some of my favourite fashion related favourites have been over the last month. Some things I got for christmas so I don't know where they're from, if I do I'll link them under neath the images.
Let us start up top, with a new shirt.
Primark - £12
This is a cute denim look shirt with sheer white sleeves with a heart pattern. The sleeve cuffs are also in demin. It's so cute and girly and can be paired with virtually anything, a skater skirt, nice leggings, high waisted jeans would look good too. It's slightly longer at the back than the front which I like, it just fits really nicely. If you're wanting to wear this as a fitted shirt I would buy a size down, they're fairly baggy. For £12 I think it's a bargain.
Up next it the necklace I pair with it.
A thousand daisies Necklace
Isn't this the cutest thing ever? It's a gorgous pastel purple colour heart, so kitch and sweet. I tend to wear it under a collared top, just to jazz up an outfit. Unfortunatly this style of necklace sold out but you should definatly check out the website for the stunning t-shirts, prints, totes and notebooks. I'm lusting over a notebook despite not really having anything to write in it.
Next up is a good old beanie hat. I'm sure you know about my obsession with them already, but I just love them, they compliment any outfit.
Neon hat - H&M : Red and black hat - Primark Strawberry hat- my grandma
These are the three I have been constantly wearing. How cute is the strawberry hat?! My grandma made it and I freaking adore it! Yes it does look more like an apple...shhhh. The bottom one is showing up more yellow but trust me, it's a bright bright lime green which I think is also going to be great in the summer months, purely because of the colour.
If there are two things I love it's English Language and Bags, and oh boy, my friend got me the best present ever for Christmas.
It's a bag which has bag written on it but phonetically. Ahhhhhhhhh it's perfect. Despite the fact I can't really write phonetically I straight away understood it. We have rather stupid inside jokes and this just reminds me of all of the laughs we've had in class. I mainly use this when I go shopping, then I can simply shove in all the carrier bags instead of carrying millions of bags around.
Finally we have my trusty pair of converse, which are unfortunetly falling apart. RIP.
These shoes have served me well for around 5 years, you can't see by this photo but they have many rips and holes in them now. They're one of my all time favourite staples because they match pretty much anything, well, in my mind they do.
What are your fashion favourites?
Amy xx

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