Tuesday, 5 February 2013

In those blue eyes: Make-up tutorial!

Hey Hi Hello!
I seem to be on a roll with my blogging today, let's keep it up with another post here, I'm aiming to post once a day over here, let's make it happen!
Usually I stick with the same eyeshadow combinations, matte light browns with a bit of black eyeliner, I also tend to be drawn towards a red or dark purple lipstick. When I was procrastinating the other day I decided to have a play around with some looks that are a bit new to me. Sparkles and blue eyeliner. I have to say... I kind of like it.
I dunno I  like the blue under the eyes, I didn't think I would, I used a thin brush and the maybelline Colour Tattoo, but I don't know the name of it. Over the eyes I used the colour tattoo in Pink Gold but then brushed Venus from the Naked Basics pallette over the top. Topped off with the Cargo lashactivator mascara! On the lips is a colour I barely ever wear, it's Rimmel 'Asia' which I bought for work ages and ages ago. Stitch says hello.
What do you think of the blue? Would you wear this kind of look?
Amy xx
ps: I'm not sure if anyone has noticed yet...but I liek Beanie Hats.

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