Monday, 4 February 2013

It's the Apocalips!

Hey Hi Hello!
I have a quick review for you guys today. Of course by now everyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the last few weeks has heard of the new Rimmel 'Apocalips' and I managed to get my hands on some. Surprisingly the shelves were fully stocked in Boots when I bought them, although it was at stupid o clock in the morning. I picked up two colours 'big bang' and 'galaxy', oh my wow, they're pretty!
They are so pretty. The red is big bang and it's such an in your face colour but it's amazing, I love it so much. Galaxy is almost a light purple-pink with a hint of glitter to it, where as Big bang has none. I'm not sure how often I'll wear Galaxy, it's not really my coulour but it is pretty.
The wear time on these, in my opinion, isn't amazing, but you can't really expect so much from an inexpensive lip product. Also I'm too lazy to reapply every couple of hours so that could affect how I judge this. I find you can get around three to four hours wear out of them, but it fades before that. It feels nice on the lips, it's not majorly sticky, its somewhere between a lipstick and lipgloss, a fairly new and uniquw product. Well done Rimmel for finding a hole in the market, I think they'll sell very well.
Over all a very good price for a reasonably good product. I've worn the red a lot since I've got it and it now has a special place in my bag. I'll be buying some of the others colours in the range that's for sure.
What do you guys think of these? What colour is your favourite?
Amy xx


  1. That's a lovely shade of red! I cant picture what the purple one would be like on though!

    Your so right about the lasting time for lip products, even if it's an expensive brand I always find they will wear off after a few hours! Unless you sit quiet, don't eat, talk or drink lol xxx

    following you now :) xx

  2. I need to try these! I hear so much about them!