Thursday, 28 February 2013

These are a few of my favourite things: Febuary Ed.

Hey hi Hello!
This last month I haven't really been trying anything new, I've stuck to my usual routine and kept using the same products, I have managed to find a few I've been loving though.
A few weeks ago I posted a Dainty Doll haul and this was one of the purchases. It's a gorgeous blusher in the shade 'Hippie Shake'. It's a very light pink/ lilac colour which I really think it looks good on my skin. It gives a light colour, just what I look for in a blush. It seems to last all day and it's perfect for spring.
Another Dainty Doll product is this eyeshadow in 'Are you Experienced'. It's a lovely taupe brown colour with shimmer. I used this in my Bedroom Beauty post as a smoky eye and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it. It's not majorly powdery but there is a little fall down, it lasts all day though so no complaints here.
A blue eyeliner! After my blue eyes post I decided I really love blue under the eye, for travelling I didn't want to be carrying by maybelline colour tattoo, a blue shadow and a brush, I bought this! I really love the colour, it stays all day and it wasn't too expensive either.
Finally, I splashed out a bit on this because I've been looking for a varnish this colour for ages! To see swatches and nail designs using this, look at my other blog here. It's such a lovely colour and I'm so excited to own this!
There we go! Not a massive amount but all very good products!
What are you guys loving right now?
Amy xx


  1. Good idea for a post xx

  2. that blusher is a lovely shade, I never really see any that have that lilac colour to them! love the post :)


  3. love your blog
    realy helps out as i SUCK at akeup haha xx

    1. I'm sure you don't suck at it!
      Practice makes perfect x

    2. I know! That's why I was so drawn to it :D X