Friday, 26 April 2013

Nude eyes, Orange lips.

Hey guys!
I know I've been a little MIA lately, but I  should be back with a vengeance soon after my university work is all finished and handed in. I finally finished my dissertation, so I only have two essays left to write and then it's summer. In fact, it's the beginning of my 'grown up' life with all education finished. Scary thought!
I think I've got my 'perfect' summer look sorted make-up wise, a nude, very simple eye, pale face and bright orange lips! After the new Hayley Williams MAC collection was introduced I've been looking for a perfect orange lipstick, I know Sleek has one but it's proving impossible to find! I did however find their lipliner which is a bright orange, it's not perfect, I'm still looking at MAC lipsticks, but it's a perfect colour.
The colour is called pumpkin, it's an eyeliner or lip liner, but it's not an eye colour I'm willing to try. It's very drying but with a lip-gloss over the top and lip balm underneath it looks lovely. I
I really love how the colour looks, it's different to the usual red and despite the colour it's not too outlandish. It also makes my teeth look a lot whiter. I'm still going to be looking for an orange lipstick, I possibly will just slurge and get the MAC one because it looks so lovely, it's probably last a lot longer than this lip liner too.
What do you think of this trend?
Amy x

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Adventures in being ridiculously pale...

Hey guys!

So, if you didn't know already, my skin is pale, I'm talking that the sun reflects off my skin and blinds people, pale. I do actually like the colour of my skin, but trying to find face products that agree is a different story entirely. 

I was using the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation for a good few months but then it's started to look orange on me, not sure why, but it's too dark, and that's the lightest shade. I decided the best option for me was to go find a more high-end place to match my skin to a foundation, everything would be hunky dory and foundation would no longer be a problem. Oh how I was wrong.

I decided first to check No7 and get the skin match there, they automatically said 'Oh you'll be the lightest shade. let's try it against your skin'. So of course, they tested it, gave me a mirror and smiled as though it was a perfect match. At first it looked great, but I told them I'd see how it felt all day, return the next day if I liked it. Got home and it was way too dark. It really proved to me that the lighting in shops is there to make you see what you want to see, skin will look flawless in those lights.

The next day I headed to MAC, I was doubtful, I've tried NC15 in the past and it's been too dark but I thought maybe they would have brought out a lighter shade. Of course, I get matched, just in case.  Even in the shop lights I could tell I looked like an Oompa Loompa and took it off as soon as I rushed out of Fenwick.

So last call was Benefit, i've heard good things about their foundation so I decided to give it a go. Again, the shop lights made it seem as though it was a good match but getting home I realized I looked as though I had been attacked by an army of Wotsits. This could have had something to do with the fact she smothered it onto my face using a mountain of foundation that would generally last me a week though.

Now, I understand why the workers do this, they want to make a sale, they want to get money for the company but I'm tired of going through this process just to find out the colour doesn't match. I've learnt not to buy products straight away, I'll go home and see how they look in a different light, where I know it's pretty much how it looks in person. I really just wish though that rather than telling me that there's a 'perfect match' for my skin they'd tell me the truth and say 'sorry, I don't think we have the colour for you' then I could scuttle off and look elsewhere. I don't want to be wasting £25 on a foundation that I'll hate when I get home and not use. I also just wish someone would bring out a foundation for some-one with a complexion like snow white's. Yes I did just compare myself to a Disney Princess. No, I have no shame.

Have you guys had any similar problems? Do you know of any foundations that may solve my problem forever?


Amy x

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

MUA Artiste Palette!

Oh hey!
A few days ago my Make-up Academy (MUA) order came in thee post and besides the point I went on there for one thing I ended up getting quite a bit in the sale! I didn't get time to try them out though because I woke up the next morning with a huge rash on my face because I'm allergic to something, but I don't know what because I haven't tried anything new. *sad face*
The one thing I was most excited about receiving was the Artiste Palette which includes six eye-shadows, two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. The reason I was most excited about this was because I've been lusting after it for a while, but £6 seemed slightly steep for MUA so I decided to wait until there was an offer on. It was cheap anyway but then it was half price and I couldn't resist any longer!

There are no matte colours in the palette which I find is the only downside, but the colours included are amazing! The first colour is the palest blue in the world and oddly looks great swept across the eye, would look amazing with a navy shade to make it smoky.
The second colour is a perfect base shade for make-up, for me anyway. Although it does have some shimmer I like the look of it on, and it's not too over the top.
I'm not sure when I'll wear the next blue shade, It's too light to be dark and too dark to be light, if you get my drift. It is a lovely colour though and I'm sure I'll find a way to use it.
This purple colour is amazing, with tiny specks of blue, I think it'll look nice under the eye blended with a black, you can do a smoky undereye right? I'll make it happen...
The next brown shade is mega shimmery so I don't know how much use I'll get out of it, might look good for a night out though when I want more full on make-up. It's a really pretty colour I just wish I knew how to pull off shimmer shades!
The final colour is a red tones brown and probably my favourite of the bunch. For all it's a brown shade it's not one I've seen very often, because of it's almost terracotta colour. It's super pretty and I can't wait to use it!
Onto the face products!
(from left to right)
The first blush is a lovely pink with a hint of shimmer, it's not usually the colour I'd go for but it's super pretty.
The next colour is more Matte, and for me a colour I'll probably reach for quite a bit. I love this kind of blusher and the fact there are two amazing blushers in one little compact is perfect!
The next is a bronzer which doesn't look too orange at all, I've actually used this on my eyes through the crease because it's matte and it looks great there too. Wahhheeeeeyy multi functional! I don't tend to use bronzer that often but in the summer I like to think I'll use this a lot.
Final thing is a highlighter, which looks slightly shimmery to me, but I'll let you know how it goes. I also think this would work as a great eyeshadow for the tear duct to just let a little light into the eye!
Overall I think a great product for a great price! The quality of the products are good for the price and do stay all day! As I've said I'm having a bit of a skin problem at the minute so I haven't tried the face products, but I'm sure they'll be wonderful. I know for a fact this will be in my case when I go on holiday this summer.
fhohfsghcdhzdsf. I'm so excited for my holiday to Berlin. I'm going with my male cousin and I'm sure everyone will think we're dating and everything will be awkward because he's 6'4 and I'm 5'1, did I mention we're related? I think it's going to be brilliant for having everything you need in one place, especially if you travel a lot and don't want your make-up bag to way five stone :P
I also think I'm going to France or Belgium with my parents and siblings in August and London for my 21st birthday in July! Adventures!
Anyhooo, thanks for reading. Love you all!
Amy x
P.S. New blog background Wooooooo.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo: Light In Purple!

Hey hi hello!
I have expressed my love for the Maybelline Colour tattoos quite a few times over the course of the last couple of months and when I found out they had brought out a couple more shades I went on a hunt in Boots. A woman on a mission is what I was at the time. The shade that really caught my eye was 'light in Purple' which is a lovely looking purple with loads of blue shimmer.
I attempted to get the camera to pick up the colour properly but it seems pretty impossible, these pictures are the closet I got. To me, in person, it seems as though there is loads and loads of blue shimmer so in pretty much every light it looks blue, which I personally adore!
I haven't really used this many times yet but I think it's a truly amazing colour. One thing I have however noticed is that it seems slightly less pigmented than the other colours in the same range so you have to pack more onto the lid, it isn't a massive deal though.
This is one look I created with the shadow, I put a light brown over the top of the Maybelline colour, I was experimenting really to see how wearable the colour was, truthfully I really liked the way it turned out! In certain lights the blue and purple were visible and very glittery but it was very toned down compared to wearing the colour on it's own.
Overall I'm not sure how often I'll use this shadow, I think it may be better for a night out or something where I move out of my comfort zone a little and be more open to less neutral eye shadow colours!
Side note: How adorable is that daisy chain necklace. In love with it! :P
Amy x


Saturday, 6 April 2013

A 'Fierce' lilac lipgloss!

Hey guys!
As I mentioned in my last post I went a bit mental in Leeds with my Money. This was my only beauty/ make-up purchase and of course, it was Illamasqua. Wandering through Victoria Quarter we stumbled across an Illamasqua shop. I freaked out a little. There isn't anywhere to buy it in Newcastle, I order online and rely on internet swatches to form opinions so walking in it felt a bit like heaven.
The girl working there was so amazing, showing me the new I'mperfection collection but she wasn't pushy or anything, really helpful and I didn't feel as though a purchase was forced onto me. I find when I go to buy more 'high-end' products the workers can be a little snooty, I'm looking at you YSL counter lady. *grumble*
I honestly had no intention of buying anything, simply looking for things I might want for my birthday, everyone is asking me what I want, it's not for three months people. But anyway, how could I resist splashing out on another lippie product? On to the amazing purchase!
This is an intense lipgloss is the colour 'fierce' and it's a lilac/pink colour. I'm in love! I think it's going to be the perfect spring shade, worm over a lilac or darker purple lipstick.
This is the colour worn alone, It's really really gorgeous and despite the fact it's a light purple colour it doesn't come across as a strange shade to wear. I think it goes well with my super pale skin, then again I'm not so bothered about wearing 'out there' colours. Saying that, the green lipstick isn't really striking me as something I want to own.
This is the gloss worn over a light pink lipstick, it's become a combination I've been wearing for the last few days because it's so gorgeous. I do love the gloss on it's own but this tones down the lilacyness, yes that's a word, but makes other colours just seem more fantasmic. Again, that's totally a word!
I now have other things on my wishlist and I need to resist temptation and not buy them. I haven't been using this long enough to give a full review although I wore it for work today and it managed to last a good 4 hours, although it did get really drying after about 3 hours. By the time I got home it was very flaky, but is I had a lip balm or time to reapply during the day I don't think it would have been an issue!
Amy x

Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Minnie Mouse OOTD!

Hey guys!
I got home from Leeds late last night after a coach journey full of drama, including being rudely woken up by some kids throwing bricks at the bus window, thankfully no-one was harmed, although the window did break. Idiots, the lot of them! I did have a great time though, spend wayyyy too much money on things I totally did not need.
On another note, it's finally Spring! Aces! Yes it's still cold, but I'm a Geordie, I have a good thick skin, I'm immune to cold. Not really, but I don't get cold too easily, I didn't wear a coat today. Today was a day of gardening, yes I like gardening, going to the local shops to get some things for dinner and doing some work, so nothing too fancy.. I did do my make-up though, mainly to procrastinate.
I got this amazing cat ear hat on Ebay right here, I adore it! I'm pretty sure you can get them in Toshop but they're pretty expensive. Yes, I still have a hat obsession but I've moved on from beanies to bowler hats for spring... Are you really surprised?
My cropped top is from Primark for a whole £6! I love anything Disney and this is such a nice length. It usually reaches my belly button but it rides up a bit sometimes, which, depending on my bottoms, I don't mind. I've been wearing this with skater skirts too, not tucked in, and it looks really cute too! My jeans are also a Primark special, as usual.
I went for a quick brown smoky eye using Maybelline colour tattoo in 'On and On Bronze' all over the lid and then a dark brown shimmer on the outside of my eye, blending them together a little. Super quick and easy, it took like 30 seconds to do and the cream shadow is so pigmented and easy to apply with just your finger. I used the Illamasqua lipgloss in 'fierce' over a light pink lipstick and used Rimmel 'Santa Rose' as a blush.
Hats are coming in very handy right now because my hair needs dyed so badly and it just looks dirty constantly! But hopefully by tomorrow my hair will be all platinum blonde and pretty again!
Hope you're all having a great day!
Amy x

Monday, 1 April 2013

The Versatile Blogger award!

Hey guys!
I was nominated for the versatile blogger award a few days ago by Emily and then a few days later by Katie so thank you both so much! I have a very small amount of followers, but I love each and every one of you and I am totally grateful for your comments and support. Love you!
1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Include a link to their blog.
3. Select 15 new blog/bloggers you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
4. Nominate those bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award, leave a link to their page and a comment on their latest post to let them know they've been nominated.
5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
So girls, thank you again for the nomination, I love you both so much and your blogs are fantabulous! Onto the facts!
1. I am currently obsessed with the TV series 'Grimm', I just love fantasy and fairy tale remakes, I find them brilliantly fascinating.
2. Skater skirts are my favourite clothing item ever, I find they really suit me and give me some shape, which is pretty impressive really!
3. I am always always up for a laugh, I love having friends who have an amazing personality and it's even better when they open their mouth and something funny comes out.
4. I am a little obsessed with nail varnish.... I don't think I want to count how many I have.
5. I'm an English language student and I can write down words but when it comes to speaking...I am useless. I constantly mix up words or know what I want to say in my head and then can't project them and end up going 'flehflehfleh'. I think it's kinda ironic.
6. I have an irrational hatred of stray hairs. If I'm about to go in the bath or shower I need to check for any stray hairs and get rid of them before I go bathe. Then if I wash my hair and a hair falls out onto my shoulder, I panick and remove it swiftly. I know...I'm weird.
7. Math is something I am completely useless at. I had to take my GCSE three times to get a 'C' grade, that was at foundation level. If it wasn't for the tills at work telling me how much change to give a customer, I'd be 100% useless and would probably get fired!
There we have it, I know that's not fifteen but these are blogs I truly think deserve recognition and ones I really love and stalk!
Amy x
p.s. There won't be any posts for a while as I'm going away with my sister and haven't got any posts lined up. I'll be back soon! If you want to chat just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you!