Saturday, 20 April 2013

Adventures in being ridiculously pale...

Hey guys!

So, if you didn't know already, my skin is pale, I'm talking that the sun reflects off my skin and blinds people, pale. I do actually like the colour of my skin, but trying to find face products that agree is a different story entirely. 

I was using the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation for a good few months but then it's started to look orange on me, not sure why, but it's too dark, and that's the lightest shade. I decided the best option for me was to go find a more high-end place to match my skin to a foundation, everything would be hunky dory and foundation would no longer be a problem. Oh how I was wrong.

I decided first to check No7 and get the skin match there, they automatically said 'Oh you'll be the lightest shade. let's try it against your skin'. So of course, they tested it, gave me a mirror and smiled as though it was a perfect match. At first it looked great, but I told them I'd see how it felt all day, return the next day if I liked it. Got home and it was way too dark. It really proved to me that the lighting in shops is there to make you see what you want to see, skin will look flawless in those lights.

The next day I headed to MAC, I was doubtful, I've tried NC15 in the past and it's been too dark but I thought maybe they would have brought out a lighter shade. Of course, I get matched, just in case.  Even in the shop lights I could tell I looked like an Oompa Loompa and took it off as soon as I rushed out of Fenwick.

So last call was Benefit, i've heard good things about their foundation so I decided to give it a go. Again, the shop lights made it seem as though it was a good match but getting home I realized I looked as though I had been attacked by an army of Wotsits. This could have had something to do with the fact she smothered it onto my face using a mountain of foundation that would generally last me a week though.

Now, I understand why the workers do this, they want to make a sale, they want to get money for the company but I'm tired of going through this process just to find out the colour doesn't match. I've learnt not to buy products straight away, I'll go home and see how they look in a different light, where I know it's pretty much how it looks in person. I really just wish though that rather than telling me that there's a 'perfect match' for my skin they'd tell me the truth and say 'sorry, I don't think we have the colour for you' then I could scuttle off and look elsewhere. I don't want to be wasting £25 on a foundation that I'll hate when I get home and not use. I also just wish someone would bring out a foundation for some-one with a complexion like snow white's. Yes I did just compare myself to a Disney Princess. No, I have no shame.

Have you guys had any similar problems? Do you know of any foundations that may solve my problem forever?


Amy x

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  1. I do the same, never buy a product straight away, ask for a sample and then make my mind up xx