Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Minnie Mouse OOTD!

Hey guys!
I got home from Leeds late last night after a coach journey full of drama, including being rudely woken up by some kids throwing bricks at the bus window, thankfully no-one was harmed, although the window did break. Idiots, the lot of them! I did have a great time though, spend wayyyy too much money on things I totally did not need.
On another note, it's finally Spring! Aces! Yes it's still cold, but I'm a Geordie, I have a good thick skin, I'm immune to cold. Not really, but I don't get cold too easily, I didn't wear a coat today. Today was a day of gardening, yes I like gardening, going to the local shops to get some things for dinner and doing some work, so nothing too fancy.. I did do my make-up though, mainly to procrastinate.
I got this amazing cat ear hat on Ebay right here, I adore it! I'm pretty sure you can get them in Toshop but they're pretty expensive. Yes, I still have a hat obsession but I've moved on from beanies to bowler hats for spring... Are you really surprised?
My cropped top is from Primark for a whole £6! I love anything Disney and this is such a nice length. It usually reaches my belly button but it rides up a bit sometimes, which, depending on my bottoms, I don't mind. I've been wearing this with skater skirts too, not tucked in, and it looks really cute too! My jeans are also a Primark special, as usual.
I went for a quick brown smoky eye using Maybelline colour tattoo in 'On and On Bronze' all over the lid and then a dark brown shimmer on the outside of my eye, blending them together a little. Super quick and easy, it took like 30 seconds to do and the cream shadow is so pigmented and easy to apply with just your finger. I used the Illamasqua lipgloss in 'fierce' over a light pink lipstick and used Rimmel 'Santa Rose' as a blush.
Hats are coming in very handy right now because my hair needs dyed so badly and it just looks dirty constantly! But hopefully by tomorrow my hair will be all platinum blonde and pretty again!
Hope you're all having a great day!
Amy x

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