Sunday, 31 March 2013

Amy Reads Books: March edition.


Hey hi hello!
I've decided to do monthly book posts, Surprise! If you know me at all you'll know that I'm a bookworm, I read a lot. I travel on buses quite a lot and so that half an hour on the bus into town or on the way home is a perfect time to zone out and leave reality and step into another world, I love busrides, it's calming to me. Is that weird? Probably.
Anyhooo. I average a book and a hlaf a week probably, I tend not to read at home because the internet is a huge distraction. To the first book!
I've read quite a few books this month, six actually. Which I think is pretty impressive if I do say so myself.  I have around 150 books in my house that belong to me alone and I'm always buying more. I have really been into futeristic or dystopian works recently, I like the idea of creating a whole new world and a new way of surviving, it really interests me. Following from the fascination is my first book!
Pretties by Scott Westerfield
Pretties is the second book in a four part series called 'Uglies', it's a dystopian young adult book which as I have said, really appeals to me. The premise of the book is that when you turn 16 you get surgery to become a 'Pretty'. Basically it means everything about you is now perfect. In the first book the characters find out that this perfect 'pretty' life is not what it seems and try to investigate, this book was how the main characters try to escape the pretty life.
Now, I really enjoyed the first book, although the writing was pretty simplistic I understood it was not meant for a twenty year old reader, hence being classed as YA, this book though, was a major let down. 'The Pretties' have a certain way of speaking, it's all very happy and I just found the phrases very repetitive. The terms 'bubbly-making' or 'pretty making'  are used about ten times a page and it really annoyed me. The escape story was alright, not brilliant and I think I got my hopes up too high for a brilliant second book. This of course is just personal opinion.
Rating: 3/5
Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult
My mums workfriend knows how much I loved to read and gave me a few books to borrow, I wasn't really interested in a few of them but this one stood out to me. I like to be emotional and emotional books are sometimes my favourites.  *cough* the fault in our stars *cough* The book is about a boy who gets raped and his mothers attempts to get revenge on whoever done it. There are lots of plot twists in this book as to how it happened and the mothers character is a lawyer, so she knows the law, but that doesn't mean she follows it. The writing style was amazing and really really impressed me. I've read a few books of hers in the past but this is up in my favourite books of all time now.
It was emotional but not in the sense that I cried for hours while I was reading it, it was more numbing to be honest. Some of it was fairly hard to follow because there were a few characters and the writingkept changing to focus to different ones, it also lept between different time periods but I got used to it. I really highly reccomend this book to anyone who likes a book with a deep meaning and has a story that really puts life in perspective and pulls at the heart strings.
Rating: 4.5/5
The Hobbit by J.r.r. Tolkien
I've never really been interested in Lord of the rings or the Hobbit but after being pestered to read it I finally picked it up. I adored this book! It was brilliantly written, action packed, had amazingly written characters and was an amazing fantasy world. I loved the riddles and the wit, the imagination of the author was brilliant! For some reason it made me very hobbit that Bilbo, for someone so small, was able to be the hero. I can relate to him quite a lot, I have dreams of adventure but shy away from it but could probably step up to the plate if I needed to, I'm shorter than everyone else, 5'1 if you were wondering, and people seem to think I can't cope with many things.
Even if you haven't had an interest before I highly reccomend picking this up, such a wonderful read! I'm glad I read it now rather than in my younger years, I think it would have confused me quite a lot I think. I really don't have much more to say, everything about it was just brilliant!
rating: 5/5
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
I really had mixed feelings about wanting to read this book, I really hoped it wasn't going to be a twilight-esque story that was totally cliche but I was pleasently surprised! The book is about a zombie boy who falls in love with a human girl and then tries to fix himself so he blends in with society. The story to me did have it's flaws, and some of the writing really annoyed me, if the rating was down to this alone the rating would be much lower than it is.
What was really intriguing to me was some of the description, how the zombies could retain human memories by eating their brains, they gained an insight into what it was like to be living, despite not remembering their own past. The details of how the living were living really made me interested because although I don't an apocolypse is coming any time soon, those living conditions could possibly be something of the future, possibly, not really likely.
Parts of this novel distracted from the story itself, but I feel asthough they were put there for no other purpose than to add more pages to the story, but that's probably not why, I'm maybe just being too judgemental. Overall it was a fairly decent quick read, I don't see it being a favourite, but it's fairly ligh-hearted and has a really ineresting ploit and ending.
Rating: 4/5

Bright young things by Scarlett Thomas

The blurb for this book really intrigued me, 6 twenty-somethings go to a suspicious interview and then wind up on a deserted Island in the middle of nowhere. My mind automatically went to "Ooooh Hunger Games style", wrong. Dead wrong. This plot could have been made so much better with a different author or with more imagination put into it. The book is around 340 pages long, so a decent length, but the first 200 pages are boring as anything, with too many things relating to drugs or sex, theres about 4 chapters focussing on a game of truth or dare. The main drama happens about 250 pages in and only lasts about 30 pages, more thought went into how often they smoked cigarettes. The ending was such a dissapointment, you don't even find out if they got away from the island!

The writing was ver 'he said she said' with no description, for me it was written as if it was for a yound person but contained adult themes, which by the way, I wasn't expecting. I managed to fly through this in two days but thats only because I didn't want to give up hope anf leave it, but I also really wanted to start a better book really quickly.

Rating: 1.5/5

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

Let's just say I'm saving the best for last. This book has easily been my favourite of this year so far. It's about magic thats happening in London mixed with a story about a police officer who likes to solve crime. I really didn't sum that up very well. I don't know how the write this book without using internet lingo such as 'the feels' or 'dhsgfqaifhgqiget'. Now that, is one way to sum up this book.

Ben is such a genius when it comes to his writing style, the plot, the characters and the imagination that bursts through on every page. Basically the book follows a string of rather greusome murders, and trust me, I was cringing, and how the main character Peter Grant is researching the murders while learning magic. I would say that this is the perfect book for anyone who likes a combonation of crime, horror or fantasy books because it almost includes all three. I could talk about it for hours and not do it justice. Go buy it okay?!

A very interesting read and I will be buying the other books in the series once I make a dent in my current reading list, so that may take a while! There's around 400 pages to this book and each page is jammed with mystery and amazingness, you will be trasported into this new world and not want to stop reading. I was so intrigued by it I missed a bus and then once on said bus, missed my stop. True story.


enough said.

What do you guys think of these posts? Have you read any of these?

I would love to see your comments!

Amy x

Saturday, 30 March 2013

A few of my favourite things: March!

Hey hi hello!
I'm going to be MIA for a few days so apologies if my posts are lacking. My family are visiting from Bedford, I have loads of overtime at work because of bank holidays and I'm going to Leeds on Tuesday for a few days with my sister! Let's just say I'm a bit busier than usual. I'm going to try and have some draft posts written so that they can be quickly published from my phone on an evening though.
I can't believe its Easter already! Where the freak has this year gone? I got my graduation tickets through the post the other day, but let's not even talk about that! This month I haven't really been trying loads of new things so there isn't a bazillion things I have to talk about, but the few I've found, I love.
Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss
These are such cute lip balms, the packaging looking like a bunny and all. I wouldn't say they're a gloss, a tinted balm more like. The colour range is pretty good and the pigmentation is fairly buildable. I love the colour pay off and I could wear these alone and feel confident of needs be, which is why I like these more than any other tinted product I've tried. The lasting power isn't amazing but hey, they were pretty affordable and great to throw in your bag!
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze
This is an amazing cream shadow with amazing lasting power. Usually cream eyeshadows are useless on me because they crease and fade within an hour but these stay put. I have four colours of these but this has been my favourite as a good all-round colour. Just blend it over the lid and you're good to go, it stays all day!
Loreal Lumi Magique concealer
I've been using this for a good few months now but I don't think I've mentioned in on this blog. It's a great highlighting concealer for underneath the eyes and where you want a bit of light! It's a decent product for a decent price, it's not amazing but it does the job!
Loreal lipStain Splash
I've raved about these before and I'm going to do it again! I'm in love with these beauties and I have five now! They're a dupe of the YSL glossy stain but for a fraction of the price. The colour payoff is amazing, they stay glossy for hours and they can be used over a lipstick or you can wear it alone! If you're after a gloss that will stay all day this is for you.
Rimmel stay Matte Powder
My face powders hit pan at the same time so I needed a new one! I prefer a Matte finish on my face and Tanya Burr raves about this so I figured I'd give it a go. I really like this, it sets the make-up perfectly, doesn't make me orange and just really looks good! It was super cheap to buy but it's really worth every penny.
Amy x

Thursday, 28 March 2013

FOTD: Cocktails and Comidic Characters.

As my best friends are back in Newcastle from university for Easter we decided to have a girly evening out last night to have a catch up. My friends Becky and Becca have been my best friends for years now, Becky I've known for about 14 years and Becca around 7 years, let's just say we know each other pretty well!
I really don't like nightclubs and loud music so we decided to go food food and cocktails some place quieter, Wetherspoons. The best of all places! It was such a good night, so many jokes were made and I think we annoyed everyone else in the pub by laughing too loudly. Also we went to Frankie and Bennies they have frozen Strawberry Shortcake cocktails, yeah you heard right. FROZEN STRAWBERRY CHORTCAKE COCKTAILS. If you're over 18 I reccomend trying one. So good!
Anyway, I wanted my make-up to stand out more than usual but not be totally over the top, it wasn't like a proper occasion or anything fancy but still, wanted to look good!
For my eyes I used Walk of shame from the naked basics paletteand then blended Crave from the same palette with Taboo by Illamasqua to make a darkish green colour for the outer corners of the eyes. I also ran the green and black under my eyes. My mascara is the YSL shocking in black which is my favourite mascara at the minute!
I used the Sleek 'Tweek' lipstick with Illamaqua 'Temper' over the top. I used Revlons Naked foundation and the Maybelline Terra Sun bronzer to contour a little.
That's about it guys!
Amy x

Illamasqua Mystery Box!

Hey guys!
Last week I was looking through the Illamasqua section of the debenhams website when I stumbled arcoss the Eyes and Nails mystery box which cost £35. The box itself included a presicion ink in Glister, liquid metal in Electrum, two mystery nail varnishes and two mystery eyeshadows, the original worth of these procuts should be over £90, so a bargain price really.
This is what the packaging looks like when it arrives, it shows you the two products you get and then the mystery products are still concealed. It looks so sleek and shiny!
The two eye shadows I recieved  are called 'Taboo' and 'Synth', The green is a gorgeous Matt colour, I do lean towards matts more than shimmer and this colour is perfect. It's a little out there but I think I'll get use out of it in the summer. The pink 'Synth' also it's a much lighter pink shade I really don't think i'll use it. It's an amazing pale pink shimmer but pink and shimmer really just aren't very me. I'll either put it up on ebay to get a little money or give it away to my sister or mam.
The gold liquid metal is gorgeous in person and gives a strong colour, I did try it though and i'm dissapointed in the quality of the product. Because I have oily eyes cream products can sometimes be a problem, this was one of those problematic products. I found it creased within five minutes after applying it, I was going out for drinks and thought this would look lovely but I ended up changing it for another colour. I don't think it would look good after a few hours of lounging in bars somehow. I may try it again under the eye or something to see how it fairs, but for the money I think the maybelline colour tattoos are much better!
These are the two polishes I received. 'Rampage' is an amazing dark glossy green, right up my street. I am in love with the colour! It doesn't have shimmer or glitter, bonus! I can see myself wearing this a lot! The second I recieved is 'Radium'.You may think this looks familiar on my blog, because I bought it myself a few weeks ago! Now I have two bottles. I'm not complaining, I love the colour and I'm sure I'll go through the bottles quickly. It's a bright lime green with a turquoise shimmer, also it's opaque in two coats!
This was the look I was going to wear using some of the products. I forgot to photograph the presicion ink though. 'Glisten' is a nudey pink liquid eyeliner with purple shimmer. I'm not sure how I'm going to pull it off, maybe smudge it all over the crease.
For the look I used the liquid metal on the inside of the lid and then the maybelline colour tattoo in 'On and On bronze' on the outside. I ran a little on 'naked 2' from the Urban decay basics palette over the bronze colour to soften it a little. I used 'Glisten' in the inner corner of the eye to give a little shimmer. I  used the Illamasqua intense gloss in 'Temper' on the lips but only a little so the pigment wasn't too strong.
If you're interested in this prduct it's exclusive to Debenhams online here, they do ship internationally for a price and for the UK any shipping is free over £35.
Overall I give this box 4/5 stars. I think it's great value if you don't mind a few surprise products. I really liked 4 of the 6 products and I'm sure I'll find uses for the other two so it's no big deal. The downside is of course you don't know what you're going to get and like me, you could easily get a dupe.
What do you guys think of this idea?
Amy x

Monday, 25 March 2013

Cosmetic Crush Mondays: Paloma Faith!

Hey hi hello!
In order to have a little organisation on my blog and have some inspiration each week I'm gonna start a little series called "Cosmetic Crush Mondays". Every week I'll recreate a make-up look from a celebrity I love! Most of these looks are going to be singers that I adore, first up is the amazing Paloma Faith.
I've loved Paloma since her first album and her newest album is equally as amazing, she's such a talented person. I love her quirky look and adorable personality, I think she often looks gorgeous and her hair is to die for!
I love the liner and the red lip in this picture, such a classic look. I decided to make it a little more subtle so that I could rock it for work, I tend to be allowed to wear whatever make-up I want, within reason, but I did end up switching the red lip for a nude after the following photographs were taken...
Of course I didn't fill my brows in quite as much as Paloma and I let them match my hair colour. I used the Maybelline brozer on my cheeks to contour slightly and then Rimmel's Santa Rose blush for a tiny bit more colour. My lipstick is Hazard by Topshop, easily my favourite red of all time.
I used the naked bacis on the eyes, using a mix of Walk of Shame and Foxy over the lid and then a little bit of Naked 2 through the crease for a little definition. I also used the Shamrock Chic duo from too faced, using the minty silver colour a little in the corner of my eye and blended it over the black liner. It doesn't look so shimmery in these pictures but it looked pretty awesome in person!
Amy x

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Products I've emptied no1.

Hey Hi Hello!
I seem to have used up quite a few products in the last few weeks, I figured I'd share the ones I have. It usually takes me a while to finish products and then it seems I finish them all at the same time and end up having to repurchase things in the masses, does anyone else always have this problem?!
Okay, so it wasn't a massive amount, but for me, this is a lot of empties. Some of them have one use left in them, but they count right?
First up is the Clean and Clear daily action moisturiser. This is my second bottle of this, I've been using it for about a year and a half now. The product inside seems neverending, seriously though, I've had this bottle about 6 months now, which may not be healthy, but I will use every drop of this! This for me is a great product for a quick freshen up in the morning, it sinks into the skin really quickly and does what it's supposed to, gives moisture! I can't really comment on the 'clearing spots' thing because I don't tend to get spots, maybe the occasional one on my chin. I don't know whether I'm really lucky or whether this does wonders.
Next is the MUA eye primer, which I have heard they may be discontinuing. Please say this isn't true! I've has about three tubes of this beauty because it is holy grail status for me. I have oily eyes but this baby keeps my eye make-up on all day without creasing. I believe it's only £2.50 from Superdrug and it's been compared to the Urban decay Primer potion. I don't see the point of spending £18 on a primer when this one is perfection. I'm going to stock up!
Next is the Skin Foos 'Egg White Pore Foam', I bought 5 of these sachets on Ebay when I bought a few other things. For a little sample there's a good amount of product, in each one I think you get three uses! It's a cleanser which is meant to clean out pores and make them look smaller. It makes my skin feel lovely but I'm not sure about the pore cleansing thing...

Next up is the TRESemme Illuminating Blonde shampoo, which I've raved about multiple times. I love this product but I think my brother has been using this because the packaging looks more 'manly' than the lovely pink shampoo the rest of my family use. I'm not sure whether it's the combination of shampoo and conditioner that makes my hair stay platinum or whether it's just the conditioner that goes with this that makes it stay healthy because I don't like this when I use it alone. I have however repurchased this because I use it everytime I was my hair along with the conditioner and I want to keep my hair looking good!I do need it dyed though...let's not go there.
Next up is the Umberto Giannini 'salon straight blow dry Cream'. This is another thing that lasts a life time. I've had this for over a year now and I can probably sqeeze out a few more uses, and this is the mini size! For £1.99 it's a bargain. I just run it through the tips of my hair and then blowdry, it just helps it to stay straight and soft and it's wonderful. I wouldn't use it on the roots though because it does get greasy!
Last but not least is the Collection 'extreme 24 hour felt liner'. I knew about this before it was cool! *cough* Hipster *cough*. I joke! Again another holy grail iten which is cheap as chips! I don;t know where I'd be without this product, I've tried other felt liners but none compare to this. I find it easy to use, to some extent, and I find the colour lasts a good while before rubbing off. It's also a complete steal at around £4!
Have you tried any of these?
Amy x

Thursday, 21 March 2013

LOreal GlamShine Stain Review!

Hey hi hello!
A few weeks ago LOreal released a new lipstain called the 'Glamshine Stain Splash', after FluerDeForce mentioned them on her youtube channel I decided to pick some up. On the Boots website they are described as "a gloss that acts like a stain. Afirst of its kind 30% water-based formula to finally quench your thirst for shine AND lasting colour!" I agree!
left to right: Bonnie, Milady, Princess, Eve and Juliet
Because my camera doesn't like to pick up shiny things very well this is the best picture I could get. The packaging is so sleek and gorgeous, it looks so much more high-end than it really is. These are an incredible dupe for the YSL Glossy Stains, they give the same effect, they smell the same and the lasting power is amazing!
left to right: Bonnie, Eve, Milady, Princess and Juliet
Because I a complete fail the top picture and this one doesn't match up. These swatches show one coat opf the product. You can kind of see that the products looks different than they do in the bottle. On the lips I find it best to do one coat, let it dry a little and then reapply a second coat. This just makes the colours so vibrant and it makes the lasting power even longer!  
The brilliant thing about this is also that it is multifunctional! You can use one coat over a lipstick and use it as a gloss just for a hint of colour but two coats alone is an amazing opaque colour. If you don't like intense smells you probably won't like this, to me it smells like red wine or cherries but I personally love the smell.
This is a gorgeous peachy orange colour, I think a great Spring colour. It's not an 'in your face' orange but it really is gorgous. This is possibly my favourite colour out of all of them, which is strange because I tend to go for brights or darks when it comes to lipstick.
Eve is a gorgeous light pink colour which is almost Lilac. In the spring I've going to layer this over my Lilac lipstick from Barry M and it'll be an amazing combonation! I love this as a neutral colour, it's perfect for work and because it does last for hours you know it's not going to rub off half way through my shift.
For less than a tenner these are a bargain, they're also on 3 for 2 in Boots right now. These are exactly like the YSL stains but for half the price...which is why I have five.
I have an obsession with these, I've been wearing them everyday. I would say they last a good seven hours before fading at all, that's even after eating and drinking!
Have you guys tried these at all?
Amy x

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

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Hey guys!
Sorry for being MIA a little, my dissertation is sucking the life out of me! Would you guys like a post on what I'm doing? It's pretty me anyway.
I have a few post ideas in my brain, a few about books because I am in fact a bookworm, one about the new Loreal Carisse lipgloss stains because I am obsessed and a few others.
If you want to keep updated I finally got a bloglovin' account so if GFC does disappear then you can still catch my new posts.

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I'm pretty sure I am now following most people on my current reader but if I have missed you just let me know in the comments!

Amy x

Sunday, 17 March 2013

The movies tag!

I've just watched the Beautycrush movies tag and because I'm getting more into films recently I figured I'd give it a go!
1- Favorite movie of all time?
Dumb and Dumber!

2- Favorite scene from that movie?
The whole thing. Every second. But the quote "We have no money, we have no jobs, OUR PET'S HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!" gets me everytime.

3- Favorite actors /actresses?
Emma stone, Helena Bohem Carter, Johnny Depp, Rupert Grint, Jim Carey, Jennifer Lawrence

4- Most annoying actor/actress?
Kristen Stewert...

5- Best director?

6- Favorite guilty pleasure film?
Clueless or Mean girls or Legally Blonde. Any 'old school' chick flicks

7- Favorite tear jerker?
The pursuit of Happiness makes me cry everytime.
Also Lilo and Stitch... when he says he's Lonely and like the ugly duckling. It breaks my heart.

8- Character from a movie that scared you the most?
The girl with the cat from Frankenweenie is seriously creepy. I've only eveer seen one horror because it's really not my thing, so there's no characters from any of them.

9- Movie you love everyone hates?
I don't think there has been one really. Not of my freinds are really Tim Burton fans so I would say something like Beetlejuice, but that's because most people I know haven't seen it...

10- Movie you hate everyone loves?
Walle. I wouldn't say I hate it, I just dislike it. I was dissapointed. Please don't kill me..

11- Favorite movie duo?
Johnny depp and Helena Bohem carter. They're in pretty much every Tim Burton film together and I think a great friendship really comes across strongly when the film is watched.

12- Favorite animated movie?
Lilo and stitch, Monsters Inc, Robots, Treasure Planet, 9, Corspe Bride, Frankenweeni, Despicable me, Dumbo. Anything Disney Pixar pretty much...

13- Actor/actress crush?
Jennifer Lawrence is my girl crush for sure. Joseph Gorden Levitt is a crush of mine. I love him so much. He's a cutie.

14- Favorite movie villain?
The red queen in Alice (the syfy version) is brilliant. I love that film so much and I don't think people talk too much about it.
I also love Count Olaf in the Series of unfortunate events, both film and books.
Oh and Voldemort.

15- What movie surprised you the most?
Mary and Max. It's a film my best friend urged me to watch but I put it off thinking i would hate it. I don't. It's amazing!

16- If you could only keep one movie what would it be?
Dumb and dumber or Frankenweenie

17- Movie recommendation and for whom?
'Alice' for anyone who loves Alice in Wonderland and fantasy.

18- If you could go back in time and marry actor/actress from back when (now old) who would it be?
I have no idea...

19- One remake you wish had never been made?
I'm not sure about remake but sequals than never should have happened are out there. *cough* mean girls *cough*

20- About to die but could only watch one more movie what would it be?
Lilo and stitch.

21- Favorite movie genre/favorite movie from that genre?
Animation, Family or Comedy! Favourite movies from those? Lilo and stitch, Hunger games and Dumb and dumber!

22- What's the first movie you remember watching in theaters
The spice girls movie... Don't judge...

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Tony Moly Petite Bunny gloss Review!

Hey hi hello!
I was browsing Ebay a few weeks ago for another Skin79 BB cream and stumpled across some adorable make-up products from some Asian companies and decided to try one out.

How cute is this packaging? I couldn't resist. It was fairly inexpensive I think it was around £4 so I figured I'd give it a go. I bought the colour Neon red but really it's much more of a pink colour.
It's called the 'Petite Bunny Gloss Bar' but it's much more of a balm. It leaves a pale wash of colour on the lips but you can layer it up so that the colour is brighter. This is the only tinted gloss I've ever worn by itself, I usually don't like the colours on my lips so use them under lipstick but this one is a lovely lovely colour.
The lasting power of this is pretty good, I would say it lasts about an hour or two, which for a gloss balm I think is pretty decent. I love the smell of this, it's pretty sweet but not too overpowering. It feels more moisturising than some other things I've tried, it makes my lips feel very soft but not sticky in the slightest.
I am pretty obsessed with this, I wear it pretty much every day and it's easy to throw in my bag and to reapply when I need too. I love the colour, the smell, the texture...everything really!
I've ordered two more shades of this, there's quite a few to choose from!
Amy x

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Amys Adventures in Wonderland...

You know those days where you just want to walk around, clear your head, relax and take a bunch of photographs? Today was that day! I live on the outskirts of Newcastle, go one way and you'll be in a field, otherway into the city. This has good points! Five minutes away there's a place called the Dene and it's one of my favourite places in the world. It's like a mini forest with a stream and bridges and flowers and it's really pretty...if you look past the litter.
I went there today to try and get rid of my headache, but also because it was a lovely sunny day, still cold but the snow had stopped and it wasn't raining and I wanted to go back there because I haven't been since last summer.
If you don't know already, I'm very into photography and have ben for a few years now. I'm gonna just post pictures of the Dene which were taken either today or just others I have on my computer from past visits.

I did take a few more pictures but these were the best ones, most of them aren't edited at all and the ones that are are done very little. There's quite a lot of litter there because of the amount of people walk through and it was really muddy but I just love it there. It's so calming because during the day it's only elderly dog walkers around. I like to play some music and have a stroll. I did almost fall in the stream after slipping but let's not talk about that.
Where do you guys go to clear your head?
Amy x

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pretty Little Liars tag!

Hey hi hello!
I just noticed Joey Graceffa and Miss Glamourazzi upload this tag on Youtube and I freaked out. If you've never watched the show, why are you reading this post? Go find it online and watch it right now. Warning, there may be spoilers in this post so if you're not up-to-date with it then maybe you shouldn't read ahead!
Pretty Little Liars is one of my favourite programmes right now, unfortunatly it's not shown here in the UK on freeview so I stream it online here. It's got such a good story and it leaves you wanting more after every episode. You find yourself asking loads of questions, for every answer you get there's about 5 more questions given to you. It's both frustrating and amazing at the same time!
1. Who is your favourite Character?
This has to be, hands down, Hanna! I think she gets the best lines, she acts dumb but plays smart and can be a total bad-ass when she wants to be. Yes, she can be reckless at times and fairly bitchy but for some reason I love her! I do also really like Spencer though, despite her current mental state not being great.
2. Who do you think is the head of the A team?
I don't know! I really don't. We now know multiple people are involved now, Toby and Mona being two of these people. I really think Mellissa had something to do with it or perhaps Wren. I do love Wren but he seems to just pop up at random times, then when he's needed he's not around. Anyone else noticing that?
3. Who do you ship?
Spencer and Toby. Despite Toby being on the A team I really hope he still does actually have feelings for her. They always seemed so sweet together.  I also think Emily and Jason, despite her being a lesbian, I just like the idea of them being together. Is that weird?
4. Most memorble Cheesy/stupid moment in the show?
This whole show is cheesy, it's full of cheese. But the most stupid moment is when Allisons body is found in the cooler at the party but after that there was no mention of it actually being her, or what happened after that until like 5 episodes later. I think that was something that the writers missed out on because after such a huge cliff hanger you wanted to know whether or not it was actually her!
In the latest episode when Mona got into Radley. Just what even? Why did the staff let her back in there after she was admitted into there for being mental?! I really didn't understand how she could get in there unnoticed and take cakes. It was dumb.
5. Favourite Villian?
Mona! She's totally mental but as a character I really love her. She has a great story and the actress is probably the best actor in the show.
6.Who do you predict may become a villian?
Everyone in town is gonna end up being a villian. I joke...kinda. I think Wilden is a possiblity, he's a very sketchy character and the storylines at the minute really revolve around him. Melissa also seems to be very involved in this, but I can't tell if she's in the A team or just mean.
7. Which girl do you think has been hurt most by A?
I think Emily for the most part, I think she had it rough in the past with Alli and then it's coming back to hurt her in the present. She lost Maya because of Nate, she also had a good relationship with Toby and now she's kind of left take charge. She's been the main victim of the A team for a while!
8. Which girls style do you love the most and who do you relate to the most?
Despite Aria being my least favourite of the girls I really do like her style. I love it when she's got the rocker chic vibe going on because that's how I tend to dress. Sometimes though her style can be a little strange with things that really really shouldn't go together.
I feel like I relate to Emily the most. She's almost the most 'normal' of all of the girls, the least complicated for sure.  I think she's a typical teenager in a difficult place and a lot of people can relate to that.
9. Why do the girls keep seeing Allison?
I think the writers are wanting to take our attention from the A team a little and keep our focus on Allison, so what we don't forget about her. I don't think these little 'dreams' have anything to do with the storyline. I understand how the flackbacks relate but sometimes the 'meetings' have no real use.
10. Who is your crush on the show?
Wren! I'm British but his accent is to die for and he's the cutest boy by far.  I also kinda liked Lucas as first for his nerdy side, I find that a cute quality in a guy.
11. least favourite character out of the 4 girls?
Aria. I'm not sure why, there's just something about her that sometimes gets on my nerves. She acts as though she's always the victim when really A hasn't hurt her that much...although she was almost killed and stuck in a box with a dead body...
12. What was the biggest shocking moment for you?
That moment when you seen Toby was in the A team. When he turned around and I seen that face I was so surprised!
Also that time with the creepy doll place, that whole episode was shocking to me because I was so damn scared. I hate dolls. When that monkey started clapping, and the doll started talking I nmearly pee'd myself. *shudder*

13. Do you think Toby is really dead?
Nope! I think the A team have done this to get back at Spencer for some reason. It's a ploy to keep her out of the running so they can go after Aria, Hanna and Emily.

14. What would you do if A was after YOU?!
Tell the police! Oh my god girls. Why the hell haven't they gone to the police? Yes you may serve jail time for blinding some-one but it's better than being killed yourself.
Hope you enjoyed this post!
I'm off to bed!
Amy x

Sunday, 10 March 2013

A friday afternoon FOTD!

Hey hi hello!
Obviously it's not friday but I forgot to post this on that evening and then yesterday I did another post so today is the day! Better late than never...
On Friday I went out with my Sister for a late dinner before heading to the shops for a mooch around. Although it was nothing special I decided to make an effort to look nice and try to change up my hair a bit. Naturally my hair has a slight curl to it but I manage to straighten it dry with ease, which is awesome. I decided to curl it this time though! I used some mini straighteners that I had lying around for the curls.
Boom! Big hair! I forgot how much I liked my hair like this, despite it really just being a big frizzy mess. I kind of like the deshevalled look. I always find it difficult to curl my hair though so it took a while.
I bought the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'On and On Bronze' a little while ago and only just started using it. I really love the colour and the range in general, I find they have amazing lasting power and all of the colours are amazing. I done a light smokey eye and a red lip which was Topshops Hazard lipstick. I plucked my brows guys! It was about time!
Talk to you all soon!
Amy x

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Beauty box for nail art addicts!?

Hey Hi Hello!
For a while now I have ben thinking about a beauty box subscription but wished for one what was related to only make-up or only nail varnish which I could tailor for my needs. I found it! It's from and Indie brand called "Glitter Guilty" and it's the 'Glitter Guilty Pleasure Box'. For £15 I got a full sized polish, a mini polish and a chocolate truffle!
I've already raved about this over on my other blog but I figured it deserved another quick mention. What I love is that you can tell the seller what colours you like, whether you like glitteror not, and really personalise your box. I was quick to add this beauty to the cart. It arrived very quickly from America with no customs fees added on when it came into the UK. Bonus!
Look at how cute the packaging is! Adorable right! I freaked out a little when this package was waiting for me after work today!
These are the polishes that were insde. A lovely green and gold glitter for St Paddy's day and 'Blue Diamond' which is an amazing amazing blue colour with silver micro glitters and glitter squares. I couldn't be any more in love with this at all!
Such an amazing idea and a box that I will buy every month as long as it continues! I couldn't be happier with this amazing bundle of joyful brilliance
If you want to read more in-depth about this box here
Take a look at the Glitter Guilty website here
Buy the box here
Are you as in love with thios idea as I am?
Amy x

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Favourite Beauty bloggers!

Hey Hi Hello!
After Beautybook done this post a few weeks ago I figured I'd do the same thing, I love discovering new blogs to stalk, it helps me to procrastinate... I'll start with the more 'famous' youtubers and then go onto bloggers I avidly read. Click on the headings of each person and you'll be taken to their site!
Essie Button
Oh Estee why the hell are you so funny? I swear I watch her videos more for the comedy aspect rather than the whole beauty thing. I don't know if she knows she's funny but she sure is! I adore her accent and her relationship with Alsan is just too cute. She gives great product reviews and I trust her opinion more than other youtubers out there.
Ugly Face of Beauty
Grace is possibly my favourite of everyone, I adore everything about her. She's got loads of confidence, she's funny, she seems to care so much about her family and she has the best fashion taste ever. I blame her for much of the online spending I do because he buys something and I'm automatically thinking "I hope they have my size, I need it in my life". Her videos never fail to make me smile and her 'How I style' videos are always so helpful.
This girl is perfect. Her taste in clothes and how she forms outfits is flawless! I just love everything about her videos, always so well thought out and lovely.
Oh my god. I watch their videos with awe, my eyes wide and full of awe at how well they do their make-up. The sisters are so talented and creative. I attept to do the looks they show and fail but they gave me the confidence to dabble in make-up and give me more confidence in how I present myself. Everything they post is flawless. They do use lots of high end products that are't in my price range but they do try to find dupes oir use high-street products quite a lot.
Tanya Burr
I want to be Tanya's best friend. Honestly she looks like such a genuine person with a big heart and that's what I love most about her. Her make-up tutorials are flawless and I just love the way that every video is filmed. She's gorgeous too. I'm so jealous of her and Jim's relationship too, they're so cute together!
Of course there are so many others I love, Zoella and Ingrid, are two other favourites but I didn't want this list to go on forever!



She included me in her favourite Bloggers post an it's only right to include her here too! Not only because she mentioned me but because I love her posts and I love reading all of them. Becki probably thinks I'm a stalker by now because I comment on loads of her posts, but everything she posts is something I want to read! <3

Cakes, Cupcakes and Cosmetics

Alessandra runs this blog and it's one I found a few months back when I first started blogging. I love everything she posts, always so informative and lovely. She does great reviews on products and I really love what she has to say.

Lisette Loves

I only found this blog a few days ago but I'm already in love. She's so pretty and her posts always look so lovely and I adore reading them.


I love this blog and I wish I had found it sooner, I only discovered it a week ago or so. I love how often she updates, her posts are always great and her new layout is adorable!

Horcrux Nails

This is a british blog dedicated to nail art and It's one I always look out for on my blogger dashboard. Her deisgns are always so pretty and she's super talented! She's also just started doing the odd beauty and make-up related post which I'm super excited about!

Hope you all enjoyed!
Amy x