Saturday, 9 March 2013

Beauty box for nail art addicts!?

Hey Hi Hello!
For a while now I have ben thinking about a beauty box subscription but wished for one what was related to only make-up or only nail varnish which I could tailor for my needs. I found it! It's from and Indie brand called "Glitter Guilty" and it's the 'Glitter Guilty Pleasure Box'. For £15 I got a full sized polish, a mini polish and a chocolate truffle!
I've already raved about this over on my other blog but I figured it deserved another quick mention. What I love is that you can tell the seller what colours you like, whether you like glitteror not, and really personalise your box. I was quick to add this beauty to the cart. It arrived very quickly from America with no customs fees added on when it came into the UK. Bonus!
Look at how cute the packaging is! Adorable right! I freaked out a little when this package was waiting for me after work today!
These are the polishes that were insde. A lovely green and gold glitter for St Paddy's day and 'Blue Diamond' which is an amazing amazing blue colour with silver micro glitters and glitter squares. I couldn't be any more in love with this at all!
Such an amazing idea and a box that I will buy every month as long as it continues! I couldn't be happier with this amazing bundle of joyful brilliance
If you want to read more in-depth about this box here
Take a look at the Glitter Guilty website here
Buy the box here
Are you as in love with thios idea as I am?
Amy x

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  1. Well done you for discovering this :) I love this idea!