Sunday, 10 March 2013

A friday afternoon FOTD!

Hey hi hello!
Obviously it's not friday but I forgot to post this on that evening and then yesterday I did another post so today is the day! Better late than never...
On Friday I went out with my Sister for a late dinner before heading to the shops for a mooch around. Although it was nothing special I decided to make an effort to look nice and try to change up my hair a bit. Naturally my hair has a slight curl to it but I manage to straighten it dry with ease, which is awesome. I decided to curl it this time though! I used some mini straighteners that I had lying around for the curls.
Boom! Big hair! I forgot how much I liked my hair like this, despite it really just being a big frizzy mess. I kind of like the deshevalled look. I always find it difficult to curl my hair though so it took a while.
I bought the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'On and On Bronze' a little while ago and only just started using it. I really love the colour and the range in general, I find they have amazing lasting power and all of the colours are amazing. I done a light smokey eye and a red lip which was Topshops Hazard lipstick. I plucked my brows guys! It was about time!
Talk to you all soon!
Amy x

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