Thursday, 7 March 2013

Top five lipsticks!

Hello there!
My name is Amy and I have an obsession with lipstick. Lipstick is my favourite make-up thing ever, I don't leave the house without applting lipstick, I just don't feel like myself if I do. You may notice that there are no nude colours here, I love darker or brighter colours rather thank the light tones, I don't think they suit me really.
Can you tell I like Revlon lipsticks? I'm not including lipgloss or lipstains here, I don't tend to wear them as much. Lipsticks are a staple in my life and I tend to go for highstreet brands more than high-end because they're just as good for half the price.

Topshop Beguiled
This colour is one that I always tend to keep in my bag. It's a pefect dark red with a purple undertone. It looks very dark in the packaging but it comes across a littlr brighter on the lips. I love the cute packaging and the lipstick seems to last a good few hours before wearing off. I have a few Topshop lipsticks and I love them all, this just happens to be my favourite shade. There are loads of shades to choose from anmd I will be buying more soon! These lipsticks retail at £8 each I believe, not the cheapest but not expensive either, for good pigmentation and lastablity (that is a word I swear) I think it's a good price. This shade is fairly matte and drying but with a balm underneath it or with a clear gloss over the top it is perfect!
17 Toffee Waffle
This may seem like a scary orange colour but I love the way it looks. It's a colour I don't really see very often and it was only around £5. It lasts for a long time without having to reapply and it's very soft on the lips. This is the colour I wear a lot for work because it's more subtle than the darks or brights I tend to wear. It was a bargain price and I think you should all go try it. This is the only product I own from 17 because I'm not so keen on their other things but the lipsticks are worth a look.
Revlon Cherries in the Snow
I bought this after the wonderful blogger BeautyShades wrote about this and swatched it. It is the most incredible pink colour on this universe. It's bright but not fushia or barbie pink, it's god a little tinge of red. I think they reatail for around £8 but Revlon always seem to have deals on it Boots. It's a bright colour and has a bit of a sheen to it without it being sparkly. It feels so good on the lips and I love it!
Revlon Black Cherry
This looks to be purple but almost black in the tube and for some reason I love that. It also has a slightly Matte finish but unlike the topshop one I don't find it drying at all. This is a perfect winter colour if you don't mind braving dark shades!
Revlon Abstract Orange
As you can probably tell I've almost ran out of this product and I can't find it anywhere! This is a colour that I have loved for a long while now, I wore it pretty much every day last summer. It's the only coilour I own with a bit of sparkle, it's again on the orange side with a red undertone. If you find this buy it! You won't be dissapointed I promise.
What are your favourites? I'd love to see!
Amy x


  1. Love cherries in the snow is such an amazing colour :)

  2. Cherries in the snow is a favourite of mine! I really want to try out the black cherry! It looks gorgeous!