Friday, 1 March 2013

Some random things from my room!

Hey hi hello!
I figured I'd give you a little insight into my room, just you know, because I thought it was a good idea! It's not going to be a tour, I don't think that would be easy to do, so it's pictures of some things I find groovy from "The hut".
My room is pretty small compared to the rest of the rooms in the house, there's stuff everywhere but I keep it kind of tidy. Things on the floor is a no! There is however books in any hole I can find. So many books, if you want a post on books let me know!
First up is the top of my desk! It's where I keep perfume (coming up in the next post) and these things. From left to right, first thing is my 'special award' which I got at the end of sixth form around three years ago now. It was for being 'special and talented' but my friends and I just joked about it, brings back memories. Next is my GIANT NODDING DOG.  It's made of china but it's called fluffy because I love being ironic with names. He's wearing Jack Skellington earmuffs that I got from my best friend, purely because I had nowhere else to put them. Next is my sock monkey that I made. Oh it's so bad. I got a set from another friend last year as a joke and I done really badly, I have no sewing skills. It's the butt of all jokes. Finally is 'super Jimmy', my sister made him for me about 6 years ago and I just can't get rid of him, even is his eyes fell off and he's all dusty, he's just loveable.
My bed! Really I want to talk about the owl cushion. Again my sister made it and again it's eyes have fallen off. He's a strange shape and a bit on the pudgy side but I love him. I do.
Rather than having a memory box I have a memory door. All concert tickets and signed things are stuck on my door. There's concert tickets from 2006 on there. Go:Audio and Elliot Minor anyone? Last year I missed out on a Joe Brooks gig because of the snow but my friend Rachel managed to get there and met him. He wrote this for me and I was so so happy. I love him.
This is an ode to my favourite Disney film of all time! I got this for christmas from my best friend and he stays perched on top of my mirror. When I'm upset I give him cuddles. I love him.
I've always been a sucker for typography on walla and decided to make my own. Smile kid is the name of an album and song by the band we the kings. It's a short little phrase but one I live by.
Finally the shelfs I have on the walls. At the top my books, not all of them, I have more on my desk, another shelf and a whole bookshelf in another room. Slightly excessive. Bottom row are all of my DVD's, I've never been a film kind of person until more recently. Yes I still have christmas cards up. The left one is from Rachel and it's one of those moonpig personalised ones, the inside reads 'have a phonetic-tastic Christmas and a sausage New Year"...all of the inside jokes.
If you can't tell be the pcitures I'm a very sentamental person and I love keeping things that people have given me, no matter how old they are or how broken they may be.
Amy x

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