Thursday, 7 March 2013

Favourite Beauty bloggers!

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After Beautybook done this post a few weeks ago I figured I'd do the same thing, I love discovering new blogs to stalk, it helps me to procrastinate... I'll start with the more 'famous' youtubers and then go onto bloggers I avidly read. Click on the headings of each person and you'll be taken to their site!
Essie Button
Oh Estee why the hell are you so funny? I swear I watch her videos more for the comedy aspect rather than the whole beauty thing. I don't know if she knows she's funny but she sure is! I adore her accent and her relationship with Alsan is just too cute. She gives great product reviews and I trust her opinion more than other youtubers out there.
Ugly Face of Beauty
Grace is possibly my favourite of everyone, I adore everything about her. She's got loads of confidence, she's funny, she seems to care so much about her family and she has the best fashion taste ever. I blame her for much of the online spending I do because he buys something and I'm automatically thinking "I hope they have my size, I need it in my life". Her videos never fail to make me smile and her 'How I style' videos are always so helpful.
This girl is perfect. Her taste in clothes and how she forms outfits is flawless! I just love everything about her videos, always so well thought out and lovely.
Oh my god. I watch their videos with awe, my eyes wide and full of awe at how well they do their make-up. The sisters are so talented and creative. I attept to do the looks they show and fail but they gave me the confidence to dabble in make-up and give me more confidence in how I present myself. Everything they post is flawless. They do use lots of high end products that are't in my price range but they do try to find dupes oir use high-street products quite a lot.
Tanya Burr
I want to be Tanya's best friend. Honestly she looks like such a genuine person with a big heart and that's what I love most about her. Her make-up tutorials are flawless and I just love the way that every video is filmed. She's gorgeous too. I'm so jealous of her and Jim's relationship too, they're so cute together!
Of course there are so many others I love, Zoella and Ingrid, are two other favourites but I didn't want this list to go on forever!



She included me in her favourite Bloggers post an it's only right to include her here too! Not only because she mentioned me but because I love her posts and I love reading all of them. Becki probably thinks I'm a stalker by now because I comment on loads of her posts, but everything she posts is something I want to read! <3

Cakes, Cupcakes and Cosmetics

Alessandra runs this blog and it's one I found a few months back when I first started blogging. I love everything she posts, always so informative and lovely. She does great reviews on products and I really love what she has to say.

Lisette Loves

I only found this blog a few days ago but I'm already in love. She's so pretty and her posts always look so lovely and I adore reading them.


I love this blog and I wish I had found it sooner, I only discovered it a week ago or so. I love how often she updates, her posts are always great and her new layout is adorable!

Horcrux Nails

This is a british blog dedicated to nail art and It's one I always look out for on my blogger dashboard. Her deisgns are always so pretty and she's super talented! She's also just started doing the odd beauty and make-up related post which I'm super excited about!

Hope you all enjoyed!
Amy x

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