Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A febuary Wishlist.

Hey Hi hello!
I've seen a couple of wishlists floating around and decided to compile my own of a few things I've been lusting after.
 First let's talk make-up. After my purchase of the intense lipgloss in Temper I've been lusting after Belladonna. It looks like an amazing pinky plum shade, right up my Alley. Next up YSL shocking, after FleurDeForce talked about this it has been on my wishlist, it seems I have a thing for high-end mascaras right now. Finally, Urban Decay Naked Palette, do I need a reason other that it's goreously amazing? After buying the basics eyeshadows I've realized what the fuss is all about and i'm guessing the quality is worth the money.

Next up clothes! I've really been after a pair of ankle boots recently but I can't find any anywhere. I found those ones on the Chocker website and they're so cute. This lazy Oaf skater dress includes everything I adore, skulls, skater, monochrome, unfortunetly the £65 price-tag isn't something I can justify, guess I'll have to deal without it for now. Finally on my list is this amazing Vivienne Westwood shirt for £20, not actually her brand, but from a store on Etsy. I'm just obsessed with it!
What are you lsting after? Make sure to tell me in the comments!
Amy x

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