Friday, 8 February 2013

TRESemme Colour Thrive Blonde Review~

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I'm not really one to care about the products I use on my hair, whatever my mam buys I use, but this product has changed that. It's called the TRESemme Colour Thrive for blonde hair.

Before this I used the Bristows silver shampoo because my mam found it, but it didn't really stop the brassiness of the blonde hair dye, despite the fact it was meant to be a good product I felt it made my hair worse rather than better.
I took it upon my self to go to Boots and hunt down a nice shampoo for blonde coloured hair, originally I was going to buy a Tony & Guy product, but there was a major price difference between those hair products and these.
The first thing I noticed about these were the packaging and the volume of product, also they were on a buy one get one half price offer. I don't know how much I paid exactlly but for both it was around £5, compared to the £12 I would have paid for Tony & Guy.
I honestly love these products! My hair has stayed bright platinum blonde with no brassy tones and it feels mega soft all the time. I also like the smell of it, it feelsd proffesional and clean, rather than fruity, which I much prefer.
Using the products together is an amazing combo, but when I used the shampoo alone by hair didn't at all feel soft, it felt more straw-like than it did with an ordinary shampoo, I'm guessing it's the conditioner that actually does all of the work.  I would recommend using both products together rather than one alone, because the results, although the colour was still nice and vibrant, were just so much better. My hair is nice and soft and shiny, despite the amount of hair dye and bleach in has endured over then last 6 or so years and I love it! Is it weird to keep stroking my own hair? Probably...
I give this duo 5 stars out of five, using alone I will give three stars, just because of the lack of soft hair as an end result.
Have you guys tried these?
Amy x

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