Wednesday, 13 February 2013

25 random facts about me!

Hey hi hello!
Today is a random post from my phone without pictures because I'm feeling rather ill.

I haven't been tagged to do this but I wanted to anyway! So here we go, 35 facts about me.

1. I am the eldest child in my family, I am also the shortest at only 5'1.

2. I'm in my final year of my University course at Nothumbria, studying English Language.

3. I have been working at the same clothes store for two and a half years.

4. I have an addiction to Disney/ Pixar films. My favourites being Monsters inc, Lilo and Stitch and The little Mermaid.

5. I also have a nail art blog called Nevereverland Nails. My room always smells like polish or Acetone because of this.

6. I'm blind in one eye and have been since birth, I still have better eyesight than half of my family though.

7. I really want to visit Italy, Hawaii or America.

8. A lot of people find it hard to understand what I'm saying, especially if not from England, because of my Geordie accent. (Geordie is the accent of Newcastle upon Tyne. Think Cheryl Cole.)

9. I have an obsession with Tim Burton films and everything about him. I find real inspiration from the things he does.

10. My mum wanted me to be called Cate but my dad didn't like the name. I really wish he had let her decide that name though. Then I would just get everyone to call me Cat.

11. I love to read, I constantly have books in my bag and a billion in my bedroom. I recently gave loads of books away to charity and still have more than the average amount...

12. I hate dairy products. I won't eat cheese, yogurt, cream or drink milk, I find them all awful unless cooked into something.

13. I prefer going to the pub rather than a 'big night out', purely for the fact you can actually hear what you're saying and have more of a laugh. Also you can get cocktails at the pub... Nom.

14. I have an obsession with Converse shoes. I think I have 6 pairs, if not more. Unfortunately two of the pairs are falling apart I've had them so long.

15. I enjoy buying presents for people because it means my money is going on other people, rather than myself. Also looking for things I know they'll love and seeing their faces when they open their gift is priceless.

16. My lucky number is 3. I have too many reasons for this. My family seems to revolve around this number.

17. I love my brother and sister more than anything in the entire world. I'm not an angry person, but if anyone ever hurts them that all changes.

18. I am an IPhone kind of person. I don't know what I'd do without my baby. It has a name... "Vanilla Ice".... Inside jokes galore.

19. I hate wearing dressings gowns. I low how soft they are but they just annoy me a lot. I'll stick to a hoodie thanks very much.

20. In high school my group of friends were the outcasts who got teased a lot. By sixth form we were the most popular group and we always had to steal chairs and tables so we could sit next to each other at lunch.

21. I have an obsession with sugar skulls. I find them so interesting and pretty. When I get a place of my own it'll be full of them.

22. I met my best friend on the first day of work. Our manager always gets us mixed up despite the fact we look entirely different. We dressed up as thing 1 and 2 for Halloween.

23. I honestly don't know how I would cope without music. As cheesy as that sounds, music calms me, makes me happy, excited me... Gives me all the feels. Please don't ask me who my favourite artist is. I don't know. Too many.

24. Skittles is my favourite alcoholic beverage. It's bright green and super sweet and tasty. I'm pretty sure it's only a northern thing because nowhere else I go in the UK ever serves it.

25. I'm a very clumsy person. Everyday I have a new cut or bruise without knowing where it came from. I do know however that I walk into tables more often than O should.

There we go! I hope you learnt a little more about me, of course there's a lot more i could write. If you have any questions or suggestions for this blog just leave them down below!

Amy xx

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  1. These posts rock! I just did one but found it really hard to think of 25 things about me, and you did more. Don't know how people do 50!