Tuesday, 19 February 2013

An Evening Pamper Session.

Hey Hi Hello!
So today I figured to have a little pamper session, with a face mask and awesome bath, just to relax for half an hour. I figured I'd take you through the things I used.
So first off I remove any make up with my simple Eye make-up remover, it seems really refreshing on the skin and I just love it. I sometimes have problems with remover hurting my eyes and giving me a rash, but this one is great. Then I apply my mud therapy raspberry mask. It has kernals in it which in turn helps to exfoliate the skin.
I ran a bath using a lush bubble bar and hopped in, keeping on the mask while I was in there. Cleared my mind and just relaxed for around twenty minutes. After the bath I wash off the mask, exfoliate using my St Ives scrub and then shower.
I don't like doing my hair in the bath so I get a quick shower. As usual I used my  TRESemme colour thrive for blondes on my hair and my favourite shower gel, Ponche from Lush, which is unfortunetly been discontinued and won't be coming back this Christmas.
Finally I used my favourite night moisurizer, the garnier Moisure match from dry-very dry skin. The reason for it being my night cream is that it's very thick and takes ages to sink into the skin, so it wouldn't work well under my make-up.
There we go, finished! Relax with a book or some music before going to bed!
What's your routine?
Amy xx

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  1. Thank you so much for your amazing comment on my blog! I'm really I'll and reading that you get excited when I post really made my day! Pamper evenings rock, I love them so much! I usually do them on Thursday even, paint my nails, pluck my eyebrows, face and hair mask etc :)