Sunday, 17 February 2013

DIY: SugarSkull Hairclip ~

Hey hi hello!
I managed to find the lead for my camera so we're back in business, until I lose it again. One thing I love to do is craft and make things, even if I'm not brilliant at it. So,  with clay and paint in hand, I went about making my own sugarskull hairclip.
Warning this post may be picture heavy.
The above picture shows the finished products, I know, nowhere near perfect, but I still think they're super cute and will wear one with pretty much anything.
You shall need!
~ Clay (I used air hardering but you can use any!)
~Acrylic Paints in colours of your choice
~Paint brushes in different sizes
~A cuticle stick and dotting tool (or bobby pin and very fine brush)
~ pen
~Clear nail varnish
Let's start!

Start off by drawing out a general shape, cutting it out and laying it over your flattened clay. If you're stuck on a shape think of a Mario mushroom, but slightly deformed... I'm also sure there are templates online you can print.

Cut out the shape around the template and use your hands to mold it and perfect it to how you want. If there are any cracks use a little bit of water on your fingertips and smooth them out.
Use your thumbs and press into the clay to make the eye shape. Use a toothpick to  create an upside down heart as a nose, and a thin line where the teeth will start out. After this wait for it to harden before painting it a colour of your choice.
Next up, fill in the center of the eyes and then use a toothpick to draw small hoops around them. Fill in the nose and add lines to the mouth.
Finally, add finishing touches. You can find plenty of inspiration on google. Finish off with a clear top coat to make it shiny and slightly more protected before using superglue to attach a kirby grip/ bobby pin.
Tada! You're done! A superfun project, make tiny ones and turn then into earrings, or anything you want really!
Hooe you liked this! Think I should do more?
Amy x


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