Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Bedford Adventures!

Hey guys!
My last post mentioned that I was going on a little holiday to visit family in Bedford, I've actually been home a few days now but I've been too busy to blog, I also lost my camera lead so I couldn't upload pictures.

I figured I would write a little post about what I got up to.

On the first day we headed off to Cambridge, a place I absolutely love, it's so pretty and it has great shops That I would never find here in Newcastle. As soon as we got there we went for lunch, if you're wondering what I had, it was Barbecue rack of ribs with sweet potato fries, heaven on a plate! Seriously though, it was good. We then headed to the shops, I ended up not actually buying much apart from a sweet cropped Tee and a bracelet as a Christmas gift. It was a fun day though! After the long coach ride the previous day I was knackered by the time we wanted to go back, so I fell asleep on the bus, much to the annoyance of my cousin and sister.

The second day was my favourite by far, we went to London!! As someone who lives seven hours away from London it was nice to be able to get there fairly quickly on the train, it only took an hour and bam! We were stood on a platform in St Pancras station. I was actually pretty scary for my sister and I, we've only been to London a few times, and that was always with parents, we also had never really used the Tube station, it was pretty nerve wrecking at first to be thrown into a busy station, without any guidance, and have to find our way around.

Our first stop was Oxford Street and Carnaby Street, here I didn't buy anything at all apart from the best Cookie I've ever eaten in my life! I fell in love with Carnaby Street though and hope to go back soon. After this it was to Camden! Camden is possibly my favourite place in the UK, it's full of different cultures and market stalls selling amazing things you wouldn't find anywhere else. Of course I spent all of my money here. Again when it was time to go back I was really tired, I swear I'm not lazy though!

On our final day we stayed in until way past noon because we all needed a lie-in and then we headed into Bedford town. We didn't really do much besides hang around Costa for hours, but hey, there's nothing wrong with that! 

Overall I had a great time, bad coach journeys aside.

New post later today! Xx

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