Saturday, 6 July 2013

Floral rose Nail Art! ~

Hey guys!
Today I am helping out at the place where my Mum works, it's a place called 'Rosewood Villa' (yes, like Pretty Little Liars. It amuses me too) and it is the anniversary of them being open, so they are holding a summer Fair. To be supportive some of the staff are wearing logo tshirts, or dressing up for the occasion, my Mum and I decided that floral Rose nails were enough!
My obsession with nail art disappeared for a while but I think I'm on a roll again with it, and so I painted both my nails and her nails, I had a pretty fun time too!
First is my Mams nails, these were very simple, Kath Kidson inspired Rose nails, I'm really not used to painting other peoples nails, so I was pretty proud at how these turned out! Even though they were really easy I think they're pretty effective and my Mam can't wait to show them off later!
My nails didn't turn out so well, for some reason they look better on camera though! I started with a nude colour and then done black and holographic silver stripes before using acrylic paints to create a flower pattern, almost like a border. I messed up on of the nails so I went ahead and made an accent nail using different studs and gems.
If you would like to see more nail art posts just let me know, when I find some inspiration again, I might just post again!
Hope you all have a great day!
Amy xx

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