Monday, 6 May 2013

A week in Review: No1.

Hey hi hello!
Guys, I've finished all of my essays, which is amazing yet sad at the same time because I am officially no longer in education, university is over! Queue the panic attacks about becoming an adult and having to find a job. But lets not go off on a tangent here, I have a new segment to the blog! Sunday is now the 'Week in Review' blog post, where instagram photo's will aid me in telling you guys about what I'm up to! (Pssst if you want to follow my instagram my username is: anotheryouthfuldream).
This week has been made up of sun, walks, essays, work and spending hours in costa. So nothing new there then. It's actually been a really good week, lots of relaxing times in the sun, little adventures, a little bit of shopping, although there has been some drama too, it wouldn't be my family if there wasn't some drama.
Top left: For the first time ever I have colour in my wardrobe, I felt it needed to be documented. I pretty much live in blacks and greys, but look! Yellow, green, pink, oh my!
Top right: My finished dissertations ready to be handed in. Scary! If you're wondering what it was about it was "how gender and age influence differences in the language of text messages", if you're for any reason interested I can send you a copy for a read. Although I don't see why anyone would want to read it. I'm super proud of myself.
Bottom left: Sun means sunglasses and bright green shirts. It's finally spring in Newcastle guys!
Bottom Right: My name is Amy and I'm a costa addict. If you've got a costa near you go try a strawberry cream frappe and it will change your life forever. Also they have a new summer drinks menu and finding that out was the highlight of my week.
Top left: The path to the dene. I've mentioned before it's one of my favourite places ever, I love just walking through it and going on a wander. So as soon as I seen the sun I used the opportunity to go for a walk.
Top Right: I love gardening! I really do, I think it's because of my granddad. I am now in charge of our garden so I spent the morning putting in plants.
Bottom left: The dene, again. I just can't stop taking pictures of it.
Bottom right: My spring flower nails and a cute bus pass holder. Floral nails is my 'thing' at the minute, my go-to design. I really liked these ones!
Left: Dinner with the coolest girl in the world! My sister! Wearing her shades in doors, like she's all that. Mmmh, Frankie and Bennies, my favourite food place in the world. Can I go eat a calzone pizza from there now please?
Right: My neighbours can enjoys sitting in their greenhouse, in with all of the plants. It amuses me greatly and she's just so cute when she's lying there!
I hope you like this new 'segment', if you have any requests for posts just leave them below. I'm going to try to post every day this week on this blog, and at least three times this week on my other blog because I feel I have been neglecting this little place of the internet.
Have a great bank holiday, if you're off work, I am jealous.
Much love, Amy x

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