Friday, 31 May 2013

What's in my bag? ~

Hey guys!
I figured I'd do something a bit different today and do the ever so popular 'what's in my bag' tag. It's not too interesting really but I figured some of you may enjoy reading this!

So this is my bag! I got it for my Birthday last year after spotting it on Ebay. I believe it's a copy of a designer bag but I'm not sure which designer. I can't find a link for it now though. It's a black suede shoulder bag with lots of leather straps and buckles hanging all over it, very me.
It seems quite small on the inside at first but it's like the Tardis, you can fit so much in! Luckily I'm not someone who carries around a bazillion things.

So this is what I carry on most days, bar the sunglasses, they only come out once in a blue moon.
For some reason I always seem to have a lot of lip products hanging around in my bag, I don't bother taking a huge make-up bag of products, I sometimes take eyeliner but not very often. I tend to wear make-up I think is quite long-lasting so I don't really have to reapply throughout the day. My lack of make-up in there could also have something to do with laziness. I do have a mirror though, so that counts for something!
I have a book in my bag constantly, I'm a huge bookworm and I travel on buses a lot so it's my form of entertainment, along with my phone of course. Currently I have dawn of the Dead in there although I haven't actually started it yet. Oops. I always have headphones too, I cannot live without my music, I'd probably go insane.
I have three sets of keys because I am constantly losing mine, I have one in my room, one downstairs and one in my bag, just because I am incapable of keeping them in the same place.
There's always loose change in the bottom of my bag because I just toss it in there and then get a huge surprise when I realize I have enough pennies to pay for a Starbucks.
I tend to keep snacks in my bag too, If I go out alone I sometimes forget to eat, I don't really like sitting anywhere and eating by myself and I also don't like carrying around food like pasties or sandwiches, so crisps and biscuits always make an appearance.
My passport is something you guys will never see the inside of, my picture will probably give you nightmares, with the long black hair and glare from hell it's enough to make a grown man cry. I do need to keep it on me though, I get ID'd everywhere, I mean, EVERYWHERE. I'm almost 21 and I got ID'd for a 15 film last week. *slow clap*
I don't wear my glasses that often, I always wore them for lectures but now I don't have any I don't really have a use for them. I9 do keep them there though, just in case. I really love the huge frames and purple colour.
Finally, my Vivienne Westwood purse. I bought this a few months ago in Leeds and I freaking love it! It's my baby. I really love the colour, how massively huge it is and how much it stores. A small purse just isn't for me. I never have change in here, apart from pound coins, because everything else is thrown into the bottom of the bag, I do have loads of store loyalty cards though, Boots, Superdrug, Waterstones, Costa, just to name a few.
That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed :)
Amy x


  1. Love the purse and your Skull Candy I spyed there xx

    1. thank you. I seem to have an obsession with SugarSkulls :D