Friday, 10 May 2013

Face Skincare Saviors!

Hey guys!
Something I haven't really talked about on here is skincare and the products I use on my face to try and keep it healthy. I'm currently trying out a couple of new products but I haven't included them here because these are my 'holy grail' products that have saved my face from being dry, dehydrated and dull.
I'll be the first person to admit that I don't care about skincare as much as I should, I can't be bothered to spend time every morning and night lathering myself in products, I'm too lazy for all that, I like to have a 'quick fix' approach to skincare so I can spend longer in bed. Saying that, I have a few good products to tell you about, ones that I use pretty much daily.
First up is my moisturiser, this is the Aveeno positively luminous and this has lasted for ages, probably over a year. I stopped using this for a few months in favour of something else but then realised how amazing this was and seen instant differences when I picked it back up again.
I always used to use this during the day, before I put on my make-up, but it's pretty thick and it doesn't sink in really quickly, so I now use it at night. It evens out the skin tone, gives you moisture and as the name suggests, makes my skin look more lively and awake.
It's an all-round great product, although for a day-cream I prefer something lighter, this has really helped my skin look less dull though and my skin always feels great on a morning.
For a morning moisturiser I use the Nivea Express Hydration primer, which is a two-in-one product, it claims to moisturise and prime the skin ready for foundation. I don't think it works great as a primer, I still use a silicone based primer after this as a base but as a moisturiser I think this works great. There are two different versions of this product, one for dry/normal skin, which is the one I use, and one for oily/combination skin.
I think this was pretty inexpensive and it works really well, although I want to try a new product so I'm not sure if I'll repurchase when it runs out, which will be soon. I think it was around £6 and I really wish it was in different packaging, it looks nice but glass jars just aren't very handy.
I'm really not sure if this product is meant to work on the face, but boy, it's done wonders the last few months. For some reason I keep getting rashes on the side of my face, I'm not sure how, it's not face or make-up products and it always comes up after I've been at work, so who knows? After it's gone down though I'm left with really dry patches on my face, so I use a little of this where needed and after a little while my skin is back to normal. I originally bought this for dry hands and elbows, but I haven't really used it for that. It's part of my face routine now, if they have products designed for the face I'll be buying those.

Finally I have two simple products, after BeautyqueenUK talked about simple and raved about a few of their products I had to give a few a go. I've looked the eye make-up remover for years, so I already knew about this, I repurchase time after time, I've gone through about 20. I have really sensitive eyes and if I have to scrub at all to get my make-up off my eyes go all red and sore, but this works really well, it removes mascara with no problems and is pretty cheap too!
Last, but not least, is the simple kind to skin toner, I've never really seen the need for toners, and to be honest I'm still not exactly sure what they do, but this feels so refreshing on the skin, it's great when you need a little skin pick-me-up, it just feels so cooling and nice, I think it'll be great in really warm weather to cool the face down. I use it after I take off my make-up and before moisturiser on a morning, it takes off any excess dirt or product from the face, leaving it feeling clean and refreshed.
Let me know what you think of these products! Leave me a comment, I love to read and reply to them!
Amy x

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