Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Adventures in being Stupidly Pale: The perfect Foundation?

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So a while ago I made a post about how difficult finding face products is for people like me, people who have a very fair complexion, much lighter than NC15 by MAC. After a while of hunting around Boots and Superdrug for a foundation that looked pale I came across the brand 'Gosh'.
Gosh is a brand I've had foundation from before although it was back when I was in sixth form, a good three years ago. I contemplated buying their 'extreme' foundation because I liked it in the past but I noticed their new BB cream, checked the tester and it looked super pale, the colour is 'sand'.
So after trying out this new Gosh BB cream for a while I figured I should do a review on it. It wasn't very expensive, I think around the £10 mark, so I figured it was worth a shot. It claims to be a three-in-one product, like most BB creams it aims to be a primer, moisturizer and foundation all in one, along with SPF15 it seemed like a perfect product.
After testing it out I realised that I would still have to use a moisturizer before using this product, otherwise it clung slightly to dry patches on my face. I don't think it's a three-in-one product, it's a light coverage foundation, nothing more, nothing less, it is however a good product nonetheless.
I've been using this for around 2 weeks now, it's a light coverage but it is buildable, although I like a light coverage anyway. It blends well with your fingers, I don't use a brush with this because it comes across much easier to use that way, it's much smoother and quicker to use the fingers, I find any way.
It's not as thick as most BB creams, but not as thin as a tinted moisturizer, it's somewhere in-between the two. It feels fairly greasy, so I'm not sure how it would work on oily skin, but once powders it looks great and sets really well. It's also a perfect match for my skin, which is a massive bonus! No more wasting money on foundations that make me look orange.
Overall it's an amazing product with a great price tag to suit. It's light-medium coverage with a slightly dewy finish and stays on for pretty much the entire day.
I really love this product and anyone with pale skin should really go to Superdrug and test it out. It comes in a few shades, so it's suitable for a variety of skin-tones. I'm not sure how it would work on oily skin, but I can't really comment because that's not a problem I have so it's worth a check, maybe read some other reviews.
Will you be trying this or have you already? What are your thoughts?
Amy x

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