Monday, 6 May 2013

Lemon Sherbet lip balm!

Hey guys!
I have a product review for you all today!
So this I the lemon sherbet lip balm by the bathhouse, unfortunately I can't find it online but I found it in Fenwick. Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds. It smells like Lemon sherbet and it even tastes like it too! Oh my word, I am in love with this product.
As a bonus the packaging is so cute, I think these would make wonderful gifts, little stocking stuffers at Christmas or something, I believe that it was £5. There was a ton of different versions, earl grey and mojito are the others I can remember, although there was a good few!
The balm is just clear, no colour at all on the lips, which I prefer in a balm to be honest, I've tried the tinted balm thing but I don't really like it much. The product doesn't feel greasy at all and it's fairly moisturising, it also stays on the lips for quite a while.
It's a pretty bog standard balm to be honest but just for the fact it smells and tastes amazing I love it so much, I'm going to buy more, for myself and for others. I really love lip balms right now because my lips get so dry, I also wear them over lipstick to give a little shine.
Overall it's a good balm, it gets rid of dry lips fairly well, it's lemon sherbet flavoured which is always a good thing, and it's really small and cute for your handbag.
What are your thoughts about this? Have you tried anything from the company?
Sidenote: Do you like the way I took these pictures? I tried to experiment :P
Amy x
PS: I really fancy doing some sort of swap with someone, either from the UK or elsewhere in the world, I've wanted to do it for a while so if you're interested just send me an email at



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  1. i love lemon sherbet! need this lipbalm in my life.

    katy xxx