Friday, 24 May 2013

fotd, ootd & a mini adventure.

Hello guys!
A few days ago I was going to town to go shopping with a friend, also to get some lunch, mmm pizza hut. Once home I went out with my brother to fly his plane, he's all into remote control cars and planes, not the small kids ones, the proper 'big boy' ones worth a bazillion pounds. Usually I don't go but I figured I would be the nice sister and go trooping through muddy fields, on a mini adventure, which I secretly enjoy doing.
After losing my darker eyebrow pencil I decided to go more natural, like I used to, not sure which I prefer to be honest. I went pretty simple on the eyes, using the Urban Decay naked basics palette, the colours 'walk of shame' on the lid and then 'naked 2' in the crease, I then finished off with my Collection extreme eyeliner and L'Oreal telescopic mascara. I also rediscovered Rimmels 'Santa Rose' blusher, which is my all time favourite and then topped off the look with a light pink lip colour.
For the shopping outfit I went for some bright colours, I tend to stay in black and grey but I'm trying to change that for summer. So, my white cropped top is from Primark, the skirt was £10 from Primark, my Jacket was from ASOS and necklace from Topshop. Although it's hard to tell, the skirt is white and black with hints of lime and pink. I'm in love with it!
To go out with the plane I changed into some plain blue jeans, again from Primark.
These are just a couple of pictures I took when I was out, there are a lot more but these are some of my favourites. My camera ran out of charge as soon as we got there, so these were taken on my phone, not great, but not the worst. We ended up in a field just a few minutes away from our house, I probably have ruined my lovely converse because it was so muddy and wet in there, but they suit the banged up look right?
Amy x


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  1. Looks like you both had fun! Sometimes its just nice to get out and enjoy the countryside! I really like your outfit, Hope your converse survived the adventure! x