Thursday, 21 March 2013

LOreal GlamShine Stain Review!

Hey hi hello!
A few weeks ago LOreal released a new lipstain called the 'Glamshine Stain Splash', after FluerDeForce mentioned them on her youtube channel I decided to pick some up. On the Boots website they are described as "a gloss that acts like a stain. Afirst of its kind 30% water-based formula to finally quench your thirst for shine AND lasting colour!" I agree!
left to right: Bonnie, Milady, Princess, Eve and Juliet
Because my camera doesn't like to pick up shiny things very well this is the best picture I could get. The packaging is so sleek and gorgeous, it looks so much more high-end than it really is. These are an incredible dupe for the YSL Glossy Stains, they give the same effect, they smell the same and the lasting power is amazing!
left to right: Bonnie, Eve, Milady, Princess and Juliet
Because I a complete fail the top picture and this one doesn't match up. These swatches show one coat opf the product. You can kind of see that the products looks different than they do in the bottle. On the lips I find it best to do one coat, let it dry a little and then reapply a second coat. This just makes the colours so vibrant and it makes the lasting power even longer!  
The brilliant thing about this is also that it is multifunctional! You can use one coat over a lipstick and use it as a gloss just for a hint of colour but two coats alone is an amazing opaque colour. If you don't like intense smells you probably won't like this, to me it smells like red wine or cherries but I personally love the smell.
This is a gorgeous peachy orange colour, I think a great Spring colour. It's not an 'in your face' orange but it really is gorgous. This is possibly my favourite colour out of all of them, which is strange because I tend to go for brights or darks when it comes to lipstick.
Eve is a gorgeous light pink colour which is almost Lilac. In the spring I've going to layer this over my Lilac lipstick from Barry M and it'll be an amazing combonation! I love this as a neutral colour, it's perfect for work and because it does last for hours you know it's not going to rub off half way through my shift.
For less than a tenner these are a bargain, they're also on 3 for 2 in Boots right now. These are exactly like the YSL stains but for half the price...which is why I have five.
I have an obsession with these, I've been wearing them everyday. I would say they last a good seven hours before fading at all, that's even after eating and drinking!
Have you guys tried these at all?
Amy x


  1. Milady looks a bit like MAC rebel, definitely worth investing xo.

    1. It does! Never noticed that before!
      Well worth a look if you're in Boots or Superdrug! x

  2. Eve is really lovely xx

    1. I am in love!
      I've been wearing it almost everyday for a week! :D X