Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Febuary Bedroom Beauty Challenge~

Hey Hi Hello!
If you haven't seen the Bedroom Beauty Challenge over on Louise's blog, that's Sprinkle of Glitter for all you people living under rocks, you should so totally go check it out right here! I took part last month and now it's time for my second look based around the theme of 'Love'.

I figured for love I would do something slightly sexy but not over the top, I went for a brown beige smoky eye and orange lip. I also wanted to use products I love but sometimes neglect in favour of other ones, the challenge is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and experimenting so this is what I did!


Here we go, I'm sorry for the state of my brows, I need to buy some new tweezers, mine keep getting lost. I used dainty doll eyeshadow in the number 2 along with the colour faint from the Urban Decay naked Basics Pallette. My Dainty Doll shadow is a fairly new purchase but this was only my second time using it, I tend to shy away from any shadows that have glitter in but this is a stunning colour!
I've been stuck in a rut of using very nude and plain eyeshadows but using lots of eyeliner, this is dramatic but quite stylish and romantic, a lot more subtle than a black or navy eye.
The foundation I used was my Gosh natural touch which always used to be my favourite, it's very much a re-discovery for me and I love how it looks on my skin. The one I used is very old so I'm going off to Superdrug to repurchase a new one. The cheeks I went pretty simple using Accesorize baked blush, it's very pale but gives a nice glow to it without it being a glitter ball.
And on the lips I used Abstract Orane from Revlon, again a very old favourite of mine. I used Illamasqua gloss in 'Temper' over the top for a nice shiny shiny finish.
I am aware this ast picture is blurry but it was my favourite one out of the ones I took. I never think my eyes are so blue until I see them in a photograph. Also yes, I am obsessed with this hat, no, I don't sleep in it.
I hope you liked this interpretation!
If you've taken part feel free to leave your links below and I'll pop over to have a neb!
Amy x


  1. This looks lovely! It is exactly what I was going to do for this Bedroom Beauty Challenge although I still haven't got around to it. Oops

    1. Great minds think alike!
      You still have a few days! I love stalking peoples posts to see what they've done ;D


  2. I love this look the lip is great! xoxo

  3. Thank you for sharing your fantastic beauty daily. I like the eye make-up style. By the way, you really get fair skin.



    1. Thank you! :D
      It's a pain having fair skin, can never get the right foundation! :P